• SirAngry

    Right then, I’ll be taking a look and seeing what you’ve been banging on about! 😛

    • Yay!
      I know I really enjoy the system and can’t wait for it to make it out to everyone else.

  • wittdooley

    Don’t think you’ll be disappointed. We played these rules for the first time at Adepticon and played a bit more at GenCon 2012. They’re really fun and fairly simply while still having plenty of tactical depth.

    Plus, the models are pretty fantastic. Word on the street is a KS with plastic models will come February-ish.

  • keltheos

    It’s CMON, kind of a given it’ll be a KS. 😉

  • Marauder

    Looks like some very cool rules. Love the defense chart!

  • Veritas

    Been perusing the rules and I think they look pretty good. Though it’s a shame I find most of the models to be uninspired attempts to copy the old Confrontation vibe. Maybe when Confrontation Phoenix comes out I’ll use actual Confrontation minis to play Wrath of Kings on occasion, but I just can’t see myself buying any of the WoK models except maybe one or two of the Teknes figures like the giant octopus hat guy.

  • Acharnement

    Excuse my ignorance but I’ve checked the site and can’t find a link to the rules anywhere. Can someone give me directions to the link location? Thanks much!
    Love the artwork anyway.