Wrath of Kings’ plans for GenCon

By Polar_Bear
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Aug 10th, 2012

Wrath of Kings will be available at GenCon. Well, some of the models will be, anyway, and you can get a demo. But the rulebook won’t be there yet (and this makes me very, very sad. Honestly).

From the update:

Hello everyone,

GenCon 2012 is the first GenCon where Wrath of Kings is making a showing! With the main rulebook still in production, we will not have copies on hand to sell, but the rules are all done will be being demoed throughout the convention (and available online soon). Make sure to get a demo of Wrath of Kings at the Cool Mini or Not booths! (1431,1531,1631)

For aspiring Wrath of Kings players, or simply fans of great new miniatures, we have a vast array of the limited edition resin miniatures from our entire expanding Wrath of Kings line. Some of these will be in limited supply, so be sure get to our booth early on and make sure to get yours before we run out!

Some of these great limited edition models include…
House Hadross, Deep Caller
House Shael Han, The Deathbloom
House Shael Han, Champion
House Nasier, Elsis Tagil the Wail of War
House Goritsi, Blood Dancer
House Goritsi, Skorza Skirmisher
House Teknes, Sorik the Unfinished
House Teknes, Union Boss

…and many, many more!

We hope to see you out there at GenCon, and we know you’ll stop by and see what Wrath of Kings has to offer!

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  • jedijon

    Too much other kickstarter in the CMON pipeline for them to release another game right now. Maybe in October they can do a kickstarter push for this. Phoenix to follow.

  • darkendlight

    I would believe you are correct in they want people to recover from the last three. But also it sounds like the rule book is not completed and most of the kickstarters everything was done.