Wrath of Kings passes $300k stretch goal, unlocks more models for starter sets

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Sep 3rd, 2013

Wrath of Kings made it up and over the $300k mark and so all the faction starters get bonus models added to them.

From the update:

Each Faction Starter has now been updated with bonus models! Onwards to the next stretch!

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  • unihead

    Excellent. This is shaping up to be a fantastic deal.

  • Nachtpfiffel

    There are nice models and the price to model count ratio is excellent, but I hate duplicates- so it is not a game for me.

  • mathieu

    Ironically, Kingdom Death seems to translates to “breath of life” for KS campaigns with disappointing results…

    I’m almost tempted to get into this project just for the resin previews of upcoming models. That’s tricky. On one hand getting amazingly cast resin pieces, on the other supporting a low-quality product.

    • I am actually contemplating the same thing as $10 resin is pretty good. As for the quality of the pvc bastard blend plastic i think the lack of response says it all. I will hold off for a while and see if they add some resin only pledge – like a painter/collector pledge.

  • CaffeineBoy

    Uhhh… Disappointing results? Low quality product? I’m curious what makes you say that. The KS is over 300K and climbing. I saw the prototypes at GenCon and the mini quality is excellent. Gameplay was snappy and entertaining with some (potential) depth. The choice of plastic was unfortunate, but not everybody has the resources of GW. So, yeah, why?

    • Kindom Death made more than $2.000.000 in their KS. I don’t really care to bring up old arguments – if you are really interested in why mathieu or I and several others are a bit apprehensive about this kickstarter you can easily search “wrath of kings” here on TGN and read the posts with lots of comments.

    • mathieu

      Given the huge interest people have shown in the miniatures and the game since they first showed up well over a year ago;

      given the fact that the art and the models are VERY reminiscent of a game that once was the only potential contender to GW’s products and which many gamers have craved for years;

      and given that it is heavily advertised on TGN and CMoN, which I suspect are two of the most traffic-generating gaming-related websites out there…

      … yes I think “disappointing” is an apt qualifier. It should have easily reached the 300k mark within a short week, not after well over two weeks in the campaign. Which is obviously the reason they call in a KD strike with a completely irrelevant crossover model which brought in more $$ and more backers than there’s been in over two weeks.

      And the “not everybody has the resources of GW” argument became at best moot when Wyrd showed that you can be a small company yet produce affordable, highly detailed, and clean plastic miniatures in a material that is a pleasure to work with. The two options were available when CMoN had to decide which material to pick. They picked the cheaper route for the sole reason that it leads to higher profit margins and regardless of the criticisms PP had been getting over the years (and even more so lately) for the subpar quality of their plastic miniatures. And I am certain PP prototype models also were lovely…

      I want to like this game, I would love for it to thrive and develop into a rich, beautiful, and fun universe. It already has a decent base for that. But the poor choices they’ve made, the blatant inaccuracy of some of their pitches, and the lack of communication on the issues that were raised have turned a lot of people away from this project and led to disappointing progresses. What do you think will happen when it comes to planning the “next phase” and CMoN looks at the number of vastly more successful projects they’ve run over the past months (especially since, like all KS, it’s not going to sell nearly as much in stores as it did during the campaign, and the quality of the actual production models will not help promote the game)?

      • odinsgrandson

        Man, I get the impression that if my doctor where a gamer, he’d tell me I was terminal if I’d stubbed my toe.

        To me, this Kickstarter looks like it is actually doing quite well. It doesn’t even look like it is doing poorly in comparison to other big kickstarters (sure, it doesn’t look like it will beat out Kingdom Death, but it does look like it will end in the range of Zombicide, Sedition Wars and Relic Knights).

        Honestly, people were saying that Reaper’s Bones project was doing poorly when it was about this far in. And we all know what happened there.

        • mathieu

          Funny you should mention these projects. I respectfully suggest you have a look at their kicktraq daily data. The individual daily values are much less impressive for WoK than for any of these other KSs, and none of them experienced the nose-diving trend WoK has been undergoing since after the excitement of day one.

          • grimbergen

            Yeah… nose diving trend… I guess you mean Kingdom Death was also a horrible disappointment in KS success also based on that analysis.

            I don’t see any facts you present. Most of what you present as facts are fairly subjective.

            There’s also the KS fatigue factor. I like many have $$$thousands (literally) tied up in undelivered KS projects which prevents investment in more recent projects.

            That said, I’ll gladly have CMON take my $$$ as the ones they’ve delivered so far have been good stuff and even good ROI investments when reselling — yes even SedWar for me.

  • unihead

    Man, gamers are a tough crowd.

    • Soulfinger

      I think that we are generally quite easy to please and very optimistic.

      • grimbergen

        only if you have lots of T&A

      • unihead

        I’ve seen about 10,452 instances of gamer nerd rage on the internet that would contradict that statement. 🙂

        • unihead

          Soulfinger’s statement, that is.

          • Soulfinger

            I totally disagree about the nerd rage thing. I can’t even think of an instance of someone mocking a product or saying something snarky.

        • tuco

          Sarcasm, how does it work again?

          • Major_Gilbear

            Sarcasm? Take the lowest form of wit, and divide by seven. ;0)

  • tuco

    I love that there’s a good deal of variety in the gaming world, and I’m glad that there are people getting what they want through this. But to me these minis, both the minis and the concept art, look like nothing that I’d want to play.

    • Soulfinger

      Not even the chubby girls with the rabbit masks and duct tape on their nipples. That’s a perfect fit for my D&D druid character. The only thing she loves more than fighting monsters is eating cookies, and she doesn’t bother with armor because rust monsters are everywhere and leather armor is for chumps.

  • CaffeineBoy

    C’mon, man… where else (this side of Kingdom Death) are you going to find a faction that looks more like it could dish out a spanking?!?

    • Major_Gilbear

      …Eden’s Matriarchy faction?

  • Right! I am so extremely happy right now because KINGDOM DEATH announced they will be doing their figures in GW type HARD PLASTIC instead of PVC as it was first intended because the PVC in short simply is not good enough. How awesome is that?
    I am happy because a producer is saying openly this is the case and because I was quite bummed that I poured so much money into Kingdom Death before I was familiar with the PVC material… but it’s a non-issue now!

    Now if only other producers would follow suit.