Wrath of Kings new minis video/studio paint jobs

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Feb 26th, 2014

Wrath of Kings has posted up a new video showing off production plastic versions of some of the new alternate sculpt models for their models. They’ve also got studio paint jobs they’re showing off.


From the update:

Hey guys we have another round of production plastics for Wrath of Kings. Most of them are variant infantry, regular Goritsi Werewolves and a couple of Werewolf leaders as well. Please note that these are not resin, but final plastic production samples with no clean up work done.

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  • mathieu

    The studio paintjobs on studio-cast resin models look pretty cool.

  • Ghool

    Am I the only one finds it hard to believe that these models haven’t been prepped/cleaned?

    Seriously, there’s not a mold line to be seen.

    • mathieu

      Really? They are more visible on some models (e.g. the obi-looking dudes), but I see some on pretty much all models. I can’t tell on the Hadros but it could just be that the movie goes super blurry around that point.

      • mathieu


  • Ghool

    Now that they’ve shown some stills I can see the mold lines now.
    Doesn’t seem to be any better than typical PVC.

    • mathieu

      I’d be very surprised if their claim of trying different formulas for the PVC were anything more than yet another empty promise to get potential buyers to back the KS. The plastic Korrad Ungarash in the video and pictured is worlds apart from the studio painted resin version on the KS page: the sharp edges are much softer, the fine details (like the teeth) much less defined…

      I’d also be surprised if these (were actually representative of the actual production models. Sure they are “production samples with no clean up work done”, but they also are hand selected to be very neat without clean up work. They don’t look nearly as good as resin, but they aren’t bad for plastic either.

  • Justacomment

    Guys come one of course they are going to put their best foot forward? What company wouldn’t PVC is simply not a good choice for minis. The technology is not there yet and may never be…