Wrath of Kings, a new minis game, launches their website

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Apr 20th, 2012

Wrath of Kings, a new game by 5 Houses LTD, published by CoolMiniOrNot, has launched their website! The game was announced at Gama and will be coming to a tabletop near you soon!

From them to you:

Site is live. You can say you expect to hear more from Adepticon this weekend.

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  • Ordok

    Sorry to say so but to me some those minis look like someone took confrontation miniatures and added green stuff and did it in rather bad way.

  • Lemminkaeinen

    I like these for the most part. Some very fun designs there, though admittedly a couple of pieces that aren’t so hot. Still, very excited to see more.

  • Mananarepublic

    This is one of the most exciting things ever…


  • Nightbee

    I agree with Ordok. It feels like something was lost between the drawings and the finished product.

  • Borzag

    Site says it’s a 32mm miniatures game.

    … And? We kinda figured that already. Is it skirmish, squad v squad, full-blown battle, any other info?