Wraith Engine preview

Privateer Press have posted a preview of the Cryx Wraith Engine War Engine.

Wraith Engine

From their website:

The Wraith Engine stalks the battlefields of western Immoren shrouded in the impenetrable shadow of death and pain. Ephemeral and elusive, it can become incorporeal at will or hide its presence in a cloud of ectoplasmic smoke. Like a great, necromechanikal specter, the Wraith Engine appears suddenly among its victims, slashing them to ribbons with its scything talons and drawing their souls into the glowing, green furnace of its innards.

  • This is how big the Warjacks should be. :)(

  • Tommygun

    Does anyone know what the model is made out of?

    • Zac

      Resin main body with metal arms

  • Spartan

    Cool Necron :p

  • Veritas

    I still think that thing is going to be prone to breaking at the tail. It’s soooo top heavy that I don’t see how it will endure the gaming table for long without a break.

    • fiendil

      Mostly made of resin, so not so much.

      • Veritas

        Unless someone bumps it and then there’s a reasonably good chance that tail will break methinks. Something that big on the table, someone reaches across to move a different fig, part or shirt/jacket hits the wraith, and tears are shed. To be fair, I don’t know what resin PP is using and that will make a difference, but all resin is prone to cracking and snapping under stress.

        • Matt DiPietro

          Well since the tail and main body are one piece I’d say you are wrong 😛

  • I do have to wonder how it manages to balance its huge upper body on such a small tail. Maybe it could have done with a bulkier lower half or is it floating?

    Either way its a rather nice paint job!

    • amaximus

      it floats/hovers like a machine wraith.

    • uzo

      It reminds me of Rackham’s Cynwall Dragon. Similar pose, all metal, wide wingspan and it was fine

  • Morf

    That Dargon was a masterpiece design in terms of balancing such a big model!