Worldwork Games release Codename Titan sci-fi terrain kit

Worldwork Games have released a new cardstock sci-fi terrain kit called Codename Titan.

Codename Titan

From their website:

Codename Titan marks WorldWorksGames first sci-fi instalment in the TerrainlinX lineup. This first component-zone focuses on essential corridor infrastructure and general building or starship construction. Perfect for representing both interior and exterior sci-fi structures of any footprint or height. Our TerrainlinX build system, with its ability to store flat, add & remove elements on-the-fly, dynamically mix and match elements from other terrain sets, create easy “lift-off” levels, and complete “Robo-cutter” compatibility, makes Codename Titan one of the most flexible sci-fi terrain systems on the market today.

See their website for a list of all the components in this set.