World of Aetaltis: The Temple of Modren Pathfinder supplement on Kickstarter

World of Aetaltis: The Temple Modren is a new Pathfinder campaign up on Kickstarter. They’re more than 2x funded, so check out the extras.

World of Aetaltis


From the campaign:

The Temple of Modren is a 44-page Pathfinder Compatible adventure that introduces you to the amazing World of Aetaltis. Use one of the ready-to-play Aetaltan heroes or bring your own character as you and your companions descend into the monster infested ruins of the Deeplands! Don’t take our word for it! Download the entire 20,000 word draft text today!

UNLOCKED! The 44-page Green Briar Tavern expansion for backers at the NOBLE level and above! The Green Briar Tavern lets you start your adventure off right with a visit to an iconic fantasy tavern. It includes everything you need to use the Green Briar Tavern in your campaign, including a map of the tavern, the staff and patrons, and story seeds for your next adventure!