Work-in-Progress: Doctor Who Miniatures Game – Zygon

I hope everyone enjoyed the Dr. Who Christmas Special this year. I… haven’t actually seen it. But I have a lot of friends that all watch Dr. Who religiously. Seemed this one was quite a thing. Don’t worry, no spoilers. Anyway, for those that are looking forward to the Dr. Who Minis Game, Warlord Games posted up a new preview.


That squid-tentacle-looking-individual is a Zygon. They were first seen in 1975 where the fourth doctor defeated their attempt to attack an energy conference. They can shapeshift and have since peacefully relocated to Earth (their own home planet having been destroyed during the Time War). However, they are under a treaty that keeps them from revealing themselves to humans. So you never know, your best friend could be one and you’d never know.


  • DB

    Ho boy. I look forward to the ridiculous looking miniatures from the Tom Baker years. The sad sack rubber masks and costumes were pretty crappy throughout.

    The Robot from ep 1 will be particularly rickety and unstable on the table, too. Top heavy, chicken legs, and clunky…ugh.

  • Red Menace

    This zygon is looking good. I’m psyched for these minis!