Wizkids starts previews for new set with The Dark Knight

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 26th, 2012

WizKids is starting their previews for their “The Dark Knight Rises” set. First up, of course as it should be, is The Dark Knight.

From the preview:

Today we launch our previews of the DC HeroClix: The Dark Knight Rises movie set! We could think of no one better to begin our previews than the protector of Gotham City, The Dark Knight!

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  • Scud

    I got some of the Galactic Guardians figures and the good sculpts are REALLY good. The more generic figures are definitely less detailed but in all honesty that can be said with most games. These sculpts, if they’re following that quality will be fantastic.

    • grimbergen

      The sculpts have been great since they went all digital, and painting’s improved a lot, but that’s where it’s inconsistent and a bit sloppy sometimes. Mainly the eyes, always the eyes…even for amateur painters…

  • supervike

    If the sculpts for Marvel Avengers and now the Dark Knight are anywhere near the quality of these renders, I will be spending loads on this stuff!

  • Scud

    The Silver Surfer and Doom figures from GG look incredible and both just need a wash or glaze to put the paint jobs over the top. But yeah, eyes are a week point with clix but for us hobbyists it’s not really an issue 😉