WizKids previews Dr. Fate

By Polar_Bear
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Apr 30th, 2012

WizKids gives us another look at their convention pieces for this year with Dr. Fate.

From the preview:

Greetings WizKids Fans and Supporters!

Do you sometimes feel that Fate is against you? Often when playing HeroClix, I feel that my dice are fated to roll 1 less than the number I need to hit. Other times, the dice are in my favor when I roll that 5 or 6 that I need to avoid a big hit with super senses. What better way to ensure that fate is on your side then by playing with our second 2012 HeroClix convention preview, none other than Dr. Fate.

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  • BoosterX

    Is it me or has their mold/fig quality gone up? Or are all these previews 1-off models of a higher caliber?

  • Haibane

    The images in previews are 3d renders, dude.

    • BoosterX

      Yes, but this one Superman didn’t look like 3d renders as opposed to The Tester.

  • Haibane

    Yeah I certainly had to look twice at the Dr Fate image before realising it wasn’t real. I think the way they’ve rendered the transparent parts has a way of fooling the eye.

    It does seem a little off that Wizkids do their previews like this – people might reasonably expect a product that looks as good as the image.

    • Scud

      When I look at GW’s and PP’s boxes and blisters I see more photoshopping than a Playboy magazine. Not to mention the fact that they show built and painted product (and rightfully so). Why shouldn’t Wizkids show the digital sculpt the figure is based on?

      • Veritas

        See, I don’t see it like that. With GW or PP they’re showing you what can be achieved with proper skill. The box clearly says the stuff inside is a kit that requires assembly and painting. With pre paints any example of a painted fig should be what I get in the pack as that is what Wizkids is selling, not a model kit. However, Wizkids won’t do that as who would want to buy a toy Superman that looks like it was painted by Jackson Pollock on crystal meth?

        At least those are my personal views on the subject.

    • grimbergen

      Not sure what you mean by the transparent fooling… many of the recent figures feature translucent/transparent parts so it’s not a rendering trick only.

      Personally I feel the renders are a good representation of the quality of the NECA releases. Sure, the paint job isn’t as precise, but it’s solid and on par with any other PPP that cost much more.

      Plus with unpainted figures, the buyer’s painting skill aside, you never see the excess flash, mold artifacts, etc that are not “revealed” with the studio pics.