WizKids Posts New Preview of Unpainted Minis Line

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Mar 29th, 2016

When it was announced that WizKids was going to create a line of unpainted minis, there were calls of… let’s say, skepticism. Many people don’t associate great sculpts with WizKids, and the idea of simply getting unpainted versions of those figures didn’t really appeal. However, WizKids has posted up some preview art and renders for what they’re working on and people might change their minds a bit.

Now, of course, these are pieces of art and renders. So we won’t know how they truly look until we see figures, themselves. But you can see the level of detail that’s at least going into the design of the figures. They will come in a 2-pack with a “low level” and a “leveled up” version of the same hero.

What’re your thoughts on how they look?


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  • odinsgrandson

    Let’s hope they cast well. These could easily top Wizkids’ other miniatures lines.

  • Davos Seaworth

    Reaper’s Bones line already has a substantial head-start in the category of primed unpainted minis, so I imagine WizKids will really need to turn heads with their sculpts & stick to a similar price-point to be able to succeed with this new effort.

  • Peat Moss

    waste of time……its becoming quantity…….not quality
    if i want unpainted……gw, privateer, reaper…..will more than do

    i’ll pass…..seems same grumble up here.

    a conspiracy with a paint manufacture that only works with there product….next annoucement

  • Henrix

    Very detailed 3d renderings of extremely bland figures.

    Vanilla modern fantasy with nothing to make them stand out, not even their boring poses.

  • Evil Otto

    Meh. Not very impressed, especially since those are just renders.

    Now, if WizKids wants all my money, let them re-release the mage Knight castle.