WizKids! Posts a Preview of Their Game Star Trek Tactics

WizKids! previews ships from the Next Generation from their game Star Trek Tactics:

From their website:

Today we continue our series of previews for Star Trek Tactics by spotlighting the sixth Federation ship to bear the name “Enterprise.” Please watch your step as we board the U.S.S. Enterprise-E!

The Enterprise-E is a 150-point Sovereign-class heavy explorer starship under the command of Federation Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Enterprise-E has a range of nine and can target two opposing characters with its attacks.

Enterprise-E begins play with a special power, Metreon Gas Venting, in its first two movement slots. Metreon Gas Venting allows Enterprise-E to use Phasing/Teleport. When it does, it may place hindering terrain markers in squares it moved through that were also occupied by opposing ships. Enterprise-E’s player may then roll a d6; on a result of 5 or 6, each ship that occupies a marker is dealt one damage! Mid-dial, Enterprise-E switches to Running Shot before regaining Metreon Gas Venting.

Offensively, Enterprise-E cycles between firing its phasers (Energy Explosion) and quantum torpedoes (Penetrating/Psychic Blast)!

The crew of the Enterprise-E was hand-picked by Picard and previously served on the ship’s predecessor, U.S.S. Enterprise-D. Early dial Leadership represents Picard’s familiarity with the Enterprise-E crew. The ship switches mid-dial to Outwit as a way of showing the crew’s experience. Late-dial Shape Change represents Enterprise-E using the famous Picard Maneuver battle tactic to make an opposing vessel believe it is facing two starships instead of one!

On the defensive front, Enterprise-E initially uses its heavy deflector shields (represented by Invulnerability) for two clicks. After Enterprise-E takes damage, its shields aren’t at full power so it switches from Invulnerability to Toughness mid-dial. Late-dial Willpower displays the determination of the Enterprise-E and its crew to boldly go where no one has gone before!

Enterprise-E makes a great addition to forces that use the Federation, Scientist, and Soldier keywords. It also has the Federation team ability, which boosts its defense by +1 when it is attacked by a ship with one or more action tokens.

  • PanzerKraken

    This would have been much better if they had adopted a new system similar to what they did with Fleet Captains instead of just using the heroclix rules for it. The system they came up with for Fleet Captains where your clicks determined your power settings/configuration and damage model was great and fit the universe well. Wish they had just copied that and made a new game system out of it for this.

    • Zarathud

      Although I like the power settings function in Fleet Captains, I do think the ablative damage aspect of standard Heroclix fits well with a starship combat game. As the ship takes damage, it loses combat ability. I hope they do something unique with the movement system, as I do not think the standard Heroclix movement system will fit here. Also, I never liked the action token system, e.g. I have 6 figures in my force, but I can only activate 3 of them this turn.

    • Ghost

      At least by taking the Heroclix system and applying it to the ST franchise we’re getting a new option, rather than just more ships for Fleet Captains.

      I’ll risk stating the obvious and suggest no one is stopping you from playing Fleet Captains if you don’t like Trekclix… o.O

      • PanzerKraken

        I don’t want fleet captains, but was saying that it would make for a better game. Just taking heroclix system and slappin heroclix rules on it feels lazy and doesn’t fit the franchise. Fleet captains came up with a great unique use of clix base that is very fluffy to the trek setting and could have been used to make a much more unique game. They used to make unique clix games but now they just are putting all under heroclix which has its fans, but is severely lacking. Seems like a missed opportunity.

        • Ghost

          Confused. So Fleet Captains is a better system for all the (very good) reasons you have provided – but you want it rereleased again as this game?

          My understanding is that all three Wizkids Star Trek games use the same model ships glued to different dials and released as separate games to cater to different market segments. Trekclix is aimed at the Heroclix market so it makes good sense to use the Heroclix rules. Fleet Captains is aimed at Trekkies so it has the most flavour. Expeditions is aimed at board gamers and draws on the imagery of the last movie for broad appeal.

          • PanzerKraken

            No, don’t want fleet captains rereleased as this game. Fleet Captains was designed as a board game and works as that, but that ideas from it could have been used to create a good fluffy star trek tactical game. Taking heroclix rules and applying them to Trek ships just does not make a whole lot of sense as heroclix was a combat system designed around ground combat with individuals, not space ships. Again it just seems extremely lazy when they have shown in the past they have more creativity, and they showed great ideas with what they went with Fleet Captains, which could have made a great basis for a tactical combat game.

            Fleet Captains and Expeditions are board games, not tactical combat miniature games and their rules are as such. Course one can assume that they went this way just because it was cheap to do since they are just reusing the molds they used for Fleet Captains it seems and using rules for an established market instead of creating a whole new product line that could fail. Can’t fault them for doing such as it makes business sense, but still have to lament the loss of an opportunity.

        • This amuses me, because when they did all the different rules, all the fans complained that they didn’t just make them compatible with Heroclix, so you could play crossover games.

          • PanzerKraken

            The fans that whined were mainly heroclix players, many of the fans of individual titles wanted to keep the games seperate so they had their own rules that better fit with the franchise it was attached too. While it makes sense for heroclix and allowing crossover battles, it seems odd to shrink 300m + ships and have them on a board battling super heros and video game characters on a 2D plane of battle.

          • KelRiever

            Just imagine they are RC versions of the starships, piloted by evil villains 😛 Then superman could punch them out.

  • Urlock Gaur

    Yes, but now you can finally have that three way battle between Gandalf, Superman and the Enterprise. Golly-gee. Doesn’t that sound super?

    I agree. They shouldn’t rubber-stamp the heroclix system on everything.

  • Sejanus

    Hmmm how about a clix game with aquatic life in it.

    Then we could truly jump the shark and be done with it.

  • Scud

    The LOS system and movement system are the only drawbacks to the clix games IMO. Hopefully for the ship battles this is rectified (preferably copying the LotR hex game).

  • Ghost

    I don’t mind that it’s “Trekclix” at least the system is well tested!

    Otherwise, if you don’t like it go and play one of the many other Trek ship games. Sorry but it had to be said.