WizKids announces D&D Attack Wing Organized Play Event

WizKids has announced the initial details for their first organized play event for D&D Attack Wing: Tyranny of Dragons.



From the announcement:

The sun rises on a windswept field. Two deadly armies have assembled and are prepared for battle. Men, Elves, Hobgoblins, Wizards, Giants, Dragons and more are here to prove they are the strongest in the coming maelstrom of the fight.

As D&D Attack Wing brings the electric story of Tyranny of Dragons to six months of new and exciting Organized Play events, will players choose to use the power of mighty Dragons? Will players trust in the steel and spells of the Sun Elves? Or rely on the precision of the Dwarven Ballista? Find out now by signing up, battling it out, and collecting exclusive Competitive and Participation prizes!

D&D Attack Wing Tyranny of Dragons is a six-month Story Line Organized play event that will energize the player community and inspire new players to join the fight in Tyranny of Dragons.

  • Kolonel K

    Blind packs, and LE promos? They’ve lost me before it’s even released.

  • wormwoode

    I thought they were gonna take FFGs Star Wars model with this. Blind packs are for cards, and in 2014, even that’s iffy. Blind packs for minis has always been sketchy.

    • BaconSlayer

      It is WizKids, of course they are going to stick with their insano plan from Star Trek.

      On the bright side, some of the local stores get the Trek figs, but don’t run the tournaments as nobody plays/shows up, so they are on the shelf for anyone to buy. If D&D Next (Time We Figure Out How To Crop Art) gets as big as it is leading to, I can only imagine how much Tiamat and some of the other LEs will go for.

  • KelRiever

    Oh boy tournaments! The thing that makes every game miserable! More importantly, it makes stores want regular losers to show up because winners take money away from the store by taking the prizes! Losers are good for business!

  • blkdymnd

    They aren’t blind packs for Attack Wing, the blind packs are for the other mini line they’re making at the same time

  • Rochefort

    How long will it take for this one to be the next Dungeon Command? There will be an initial flurry of activity, followed by a whole lot of nothing.

  • odinsgrandson

    Organized tournaments are good for a game (it is good to help along a local healthy meta).

    Now, I had expected X-Wing style packs, so this is a bit of a surprise. I wonder if there is still a crowd that loves to open up packs of minis and find out what they got.