Wings of War modding contest winners announced have posted the winners of their Wings of War modding contest.

From their announcement:

On october 30th 2010 the jurors have expressed their preferences and on the 1st of november the winners of the first edition of the Wings of War Modding Contest, organised by and Nexus Games International under the patronage of Lucca Comics & Games, have been announced and rewarded during Lucca Comics & Games 2010. The first edition, which has seen as protagonists the airplanes of the prized italian Wings of War game, has been entered by contenders from various parts of the world. The final count is 38 individual models entered in the “historical” and “open” categories, and five teams entered in the “squadron” category.

The editors of are very pleased with the success of the initiative, and invite you to take a look at the images published in the dedicated online gallery.

Here are the winners for each category:

Historical – Squadron

  • Gold: Massa Sergio with his “JASTA 11 Richthofen’s Circus”
  • Silver: Dominic Skelton with his “Jasta 37, February 1918”
  • Bronze: Marcel Coadou with his “JASTA 40”

Historical – Individual model

  • Gold: Luc Baudouin with his “The Raf RE8 of Longton and Carson revisited with haubans”.
  • Silver: Steve Niedergeses with his “Fokker DVII Sachsenberg”
  • Bronze: Roberto Bagna with his “Albatros D.III Austroungarico dell’Oberleutnant Frank Linke-Carwford del Flik 41J”

Open Category
Gold: Thomas Foss with his “Freidrich Sternberg”, inspired by the movie “Von Richtofen and Brown”.

The announcement has been made at the presence of the jurors Andrea Angiolino, Gregory Alegi and Lorenzo Calvi. The movie clip of the announcement, with comments from the jurors, will be made available online in the next few weeks on would like to renew its congratulations to the winners and thanks all the participants and promoters. A special thank goes to Nexus Games International, which has awarded the following prizes to the winners:

– Gold: complete collection of the 24 Wings of War WW2 models + Deluxe WW2 box set.
– Silver: complete collection of the 24 Wings of War WW2 models.
– Bronze: series II Wings of War WW2.

We would like to thank Andrea Angiolino and Stefano Castelli for their support in the creation and realization of the contest.