Wings of War Modding Contest Jury announced

Italian gaming site have announced the Jury for their Wings of War Modding Contest.

Wings of War Modding Contest

From their announcement:

The official Wings of War Modding Contest jury has been defined. The members have been choosed for their skills and peculiarities, as highlighted by the following short bios., in collaboration with Nexus Games International and Lucca Comics & Games 2010, is grateful to the jurors for their availability.

Note that the contest, thanks to the awards generously provided by Nexus Games International, will offer for every category the following prizes :

  • Gold: complete 24-model series “Wings of War WW2” + Deluxe WW2 pack
  • Silver: complete 24-model series “Wings of War WW2”
  • Bronze: “Wings of War WW2” series II

We invite participants to send pictures of their models before the deadline, set at October 24th, 2010.

The Jury

Gregory Alegi
Aerospace historian and journalist with almost 30 years of experience, he has taught Aerospace History at the Italian Air Force Academy since 1998. Long active in the museum field, he has worked with the leading Italian institutions in the field, curating many exhibitions, overseeing some 30 restorations and recovering aircraft from Sweden, Lebanon and Afghanistan. His published works include 16 monographs on major World War One aircrafts, including the Caproni Ca.3, Macchi M.5, Ansaldo SVA and Balilla.

Andrea Angiolino
He is, together with Pier Giorgio Paglia, the author of “Wings of War” and all its supplements. Journalist, author of boardgames and role-playing games, and for every media (radio, television, magazines, advertising, public events, videogames, Teletext, Internet). His last boardgame is “Isla Dorada” (with Bruno Faidutti, Alan R. Moon and Pier Giorgio Paglia). He designed several other games about air combat: the gamebook “Il Gobbo Maledetto” (“The Damned Hunchback”) and the war-boardgame “La Squadriglia degli Assi” (“Aces Squadron”), both with Gregory Alegi; the online game “Face2Face – Malta 1942”. The italian Ministry of Education appointed him “Expert Game Inventor”. He was awarded the first lifetime achievements “Best of Show” prize by the Lucca Games show in 2004. He is the 2007 Personalità Ludica Dell’Anno (Game Person of the Year). Author of many books, among the last the “Dizionario del gioco Zanichelli” (“Dictionary of Games”) with Beniamino Sidoti. He published several short stories, especially fantasy and science-fiction ones, on several magazines and anthologies among which the ones of the RiLL prize and of the Carboneria Letteraria team. His works have been translated into 15 languages.

Vincenzo Auletta
Illustrator for Wings of War and all its expansion sets. Since 1999 his Design Studio di Bella (Italy) is offering illustration and editorial graphic services. Fond of airplane model-making, science-fiction, superheroes and TV cult series since childhood, he soon began playing around with pencils and painting brushes. His studies in technical design have been coupled with his specialisation as illustrator. His first professional assignments date back to 1994, and since then he’s been working as illustrator for model-making and gaming magazines, for toy manufacturers and for the main publishers of aeronautical themes. He’s signed the illustrated covers of many products of the main italian model producers (Italeri, Airfix, Revell, Miniart, etc.). He also did the covers of the prestigious english monthly magazine “Scale Military Modeller Magazine” and is the proud illustrator of all the covers and cards of the famous “Wings of War” series.

Lorenzo Calvi
Editor of the channel “wargames and miniatures” for Gioconomicon since its founding in 2004. During his life he came in contact with every gaming genre, becoming systematically caught! Known in the Roman scene for his work in promoting intelligent gaming, he’s one of the founders of the cultural association “Ludico Impero” and one of the organizers of “Giocaroma”, the gaming festival of the italian capital city. He has a vast experience in the field of model-making and is a dedicated painter of miniatures of any kind, taking part in national and international contests and often attaining good results. Pursuing his work as popularizer of the gaming world, since January 2009 he’s keeping a blog in which he’s giving advice on modelling and reporting his gaming matches (which he often loses)

Valter Scagliarini
Enthusiast of the history of aeronautics, and expert modeller, Valter Scagliarini is the historical consultant of the “Italeri” firm, with which he worked mainly as specialist for the development of the model kit decals.

The Wings of War Modding Contest is organized by online magazine, in collaboration with Nexus Games International publisher and endorsed by Lucca Comics & Games 2010 festival.

All details available here.