Win your own Stormhammer army

Hand Cannon Online is raffling off an entire Warmachine army and giving the proceeds to charity. Go check it out.



From the website:

Removed From Play has been given the honor of Raffling off the Stormhammer Brigade to help raise money for Child’s Play. This army is one of the most incredible armies in Warmachine, and now it could be yours and all you have to do is support a great cause!

Before we get into the instructions, here is how this came about.

Timothy Black (aka Mercykiller), the man responsible for designing and creating the Stormhammer Brigade, has started a new project and wants to do something with his beautiful army besides just let it sit on a shelf. He listened to the recent RFP: Crowd Control episodes and was inspired to do something awesome. Tim asked us to raffle of this amazing army to get it into the hands of someone that will enjoy it and donate all the money raised to the Child’s Play charity through the Gauntlet fundraising tournament on May 18th. If you don’t know, Child’s Play is a charity begun by Penny Arcade that donates games and entertainment to children stuck in hospitals and shelters around the world (more information can be found at their website here). It is an amazingly worthwhile cause, and you can support it directly while also having a chance to win.