Win a Forge World Event-Only Imperial Enforcer

By Polar_Bear
In Contest
Jan 23rd, 2013

So our first giveaway had over 100 replies! That’s… a lot! You guys are awesome. The winner has been contacted, so check your inbox to see if you’ve won.

Well, with the first contest over, we move on to the next. Again, this is a Forge World Event-Only mini. This time we’re going over to 40k with the Imperial Enforcer.

Same as before, the model is NIB and not assembled or anything.

Also same as before, we’re looking for a comment below to put your name in the hat. Simple as that. Winner will be drawn on Friday.

Also on Friday we’ll have the next of our giveaways. MrJustin of Secret Weapon Miniatures has devised a contest where the winner will get a very nice voucher for the SWM store.

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  • Bellygrub

    Excellent model.

  • Lord Baltimore

    Tossing my name in!

  • ottosteve

    Imperial Enforcer?

    I’m in!!!!

  • Defaint_2k

    Great for Necromunda

  • once_was_human

    Definitely putting my name in for this. Awesome model!

  • Veritas

    Name in the virtual hat please!

  • DavidC

    I’m in, making a fairly unusual IG army so rather appropriate.

  • Whitetiger

    This is a great model; would love to have it!!!!!

  • chopa

    Diggin the sweet forgeworld wares.

  • ANVIL68

    Big Money, No Whammies

  • sherigon

    Maybe I’ll have better luck this time

  • nealko

    oooh! Yes please!

  • fuzzyguy

    I would like that puppy.

  • The Grey Knight

    Please add me to the growing list….

  • jmw23


  • 4tonmantis

    Color me counted in!

  • Toy Marine

    Add me too! Thanks!

  • tabletopzombie

    Nice model, great competition

  • Alien.Ambassador

    Very nice model. I’m in!

  • Icarus

    Count me in!!!

  • EvilMastermind

    Good doggie!
    Looks epic!

  • Alex Dingle

    I’m in!

  • I’d make a nice figure for Inquisitor 28mm. I’m in.

  • ecthelion

    I’m in…have been looking for this for a while!

  • PsykoTech

    raises hand
    Count me in!

  • jahatch28

    Woof Woof, I mean, Heck yeah! hope your moving pains are over! thanx for not leaving us hanging too long!! – Josh

  • wow that is a pretty mini. I wish these things weren’t made event only.

  • Borzag

    Could be a good proxy for Necromunda… Yeah I’m in.

  • Imp

    Would be great for a Dioramma been thinking about, i’m in

  • Spartan

    I was once an Imperial Enforcer , but then i took a maul to the knee :p

  • Cool!

    I served as a Police Dog Handler in the Military. The great thing about having a Land Shark is it goes around corners šŸ™‚

    Happy Gaming & Good Luck!



  • Mahrdol

    Count me in

  • meatpuppet7

    Looks great! I look at that and think Necromunda.
    Count me in for this one!

  • luckyb0y

    I’m in

  • Keravin

    I’m in.

  • Spellscape

    I’m in too

  • dburton

    ooooh free stuff. Gotta love it lol. Sign me up.

  • Moriarty

    Awesome contests, cheers again! šŸ™‚

  • Greyhound

    I would love this model so much for a project I am working on, I need to put my name in that hat šŸ™‚

  • redroom

    Please put my name in the list too – thanks!

  • dhennessy.matassa

    can’t win if you don’t reply

  • I would like it as well.

  • Great model. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • MadCowCrazy

    I hope I win šŸ˜€

  • Jammybee

    Looks like a nice fig.

  • Count me in.

  • Gunther

    Sweet model. I’m in.

  • Goofycabal

    Oooh, I’ve been wanting this fellow for quite a while now šŸ˜€

    Count me in!

  • Jagged Tooth Grin

    commentingu commentingu la la la

  • Oh man I’d love to win him to go with my Arbites army. Never seen this model before.

  • White Lion

    Nice. Will go well with my eventual random misfit free company.

  • mjungledog

    That model would look awesome in my Guard army.

  • chuloopa

    That is one hell of an awesome looking pair!
    Best of luck, everyone! šŸ˜€

  • lennon007

    I love dogs in mini gaming. I would treat it as a power fist.

  • Yum
    That was my comment…

  • VikToLive

    Very cool model.

  • DoctorDH

    Fantastic mini! Reminds me of the character from Eisenhorn.

  • St Torvold

    so awesome looking

  • sinestus

    really? event only? but it would look so awesome with my Necromunda enforcers…

  • quix42


  • shadowlord

    Great Figure!

  • jawmonkey

    Please pick me, I would be so appreciative!

  • amoryburgess

    Contesting? I’m in!

  • automatic_jack

    Thanks for the chance at one of my favorite figs.

  • mathieu

    Ha, a guy I know was just looking for it!

  • rorschach

    Nice! Count me in

  • Lemminkaeinen

    I’m in!

  • nick.ibellpasley

    Count me in!

  • Soulfinger

    This would make my day.

  • Roebeast45

    I’m in.

  • Zextelmon

    Wow, that mini is a work of art! Tossing in my hat in the ring.

  • steelheart

    Cool, would be great for my Arbitor in Dark Heresy

  • Barret

    You have been having some pretty sweet minis for these drawings. Thanks!

  • marsie

    That is an awesome mini. I never made it to games day and this would be perfect for my arbiters collection.

  • ElMuck

    Cool model.

  • virtualonmars

    would love to try to paint that model!

  • Torengar

    Awesome Model.

  • Try again Bragg.

  • jagavahn

    I am the law!

  • Coabeous

    Is that a Lion? It looks like some kind of big cat

  • KarnageKing

    I need to bust out the old Necromunda Enforcers squad šŸ™‚

  • Ghost

    Power maul!

  • Schmapdi

    This new feature where we get a chance at free stuff for doing nothing will prove popular I think.

  • Conspyre

    I would love to own that!

  • Randl

    I love that model.

  • faultie

    I would love to win that!

  • diehard4adventure

    Sure, I’m in.

  • Nice. Add me to this list please.

  • Attilla13

    Add me in, please.

  • Borzag

    Huh, my last comment didn’t show up…. booo.

  • SandwichBot5000

    Maybe second time is a charm. Please enter my name in the drawing.

  • Fallen_Angel

    I am in. Fingers crossed

  • cybogoblin

    I saw this model and Gen Con and rather liked it. Ended up not picking it up then for a couple of reasons (one being a bag full to bursting), so would love the chance to win it now.

  • Grindar

    here fido!

  • Karpov

    One of the better Forgeworld sculpts, can only hope…

  • Darkvernon

    A boy and his dog… This would definitely fit in very well with my Necromundan law enforcers and/or my Imperial Guard Army…

  • Myrthe

    YOU tell him he can’t poop on your lawn !!

  • Satan

    Wow, I was awestruck when I first saw this model, but, being located in the cold north of Europe it was unavailable to me, so would really like a shot at it.

    The sideline figures of the 40k universe have always been the most interesting, and I dearly hope to be able to play 28mm Inquisitor one day.

  • Nice.

  • Nice mini, it would go well with many games.

  • Chris_walton


  • Raimonster

    That guy would perfectly fit to my renegade inquisitor and his poodle of war.

  • I’ll take it!

  • McMordain

    Looks good. I would like to have it šŸ™‚

  • James.B

    Another Awesome model. I want it! šŸ™‚

  • KorNat

    would like to have it!

  • Kraan

    Really nice figure!

  • Tironum

    I have been drooling over this for a long time.

  • def_sheppard

    That’s a snazzy lookin’ mini! Thanks for the giveaway, TGN-folk!

  • staxer

    That would look nice in my collection

  • miniroll161

    Would love it šŸ™‚

  • I’m in, wouldn’t say no to this one.

  • Hope to get this one !!


  • Amarel

    Another classic model. Excellent stuff.

  • TomasT

    I’m the Beastmaster!

  • Harq Obispal

    Count me in!

  • reconit

    So want this, have been sitting on ebay trying to get one

  • Fantastic stuff ā€“ and a great competition!

  • appleplan8t

    Awesome! Memories of Necromunda and teh Adeptus Arbites!

  • KRakarth

    Me me me!

  • The odds of me winning this mini are extremely slim.

  • rhodry

    ooh that would be great for my next project

  • arki

    ^^ a good think for an adeptus arbites…

  • Braxandur

    I really like that model. Often wonder why the rest of GW models doesn’s have the Forgeworld quality/atmosphere

  • YoungOlo

    Yay, contest! šŸ˜€

  • indrodar

    Ooh! Stick me in for this one!!!

  • I’ve never seen this before. Great stuff, love it.

  • 6tod6

    I love this site. How can you not?

  • Gabbi

    nice mini, being picked from the hat would be great šŸ™‚

  • GnomesofZurich

    Put my name in the hat!

  • winterborn

    I’m down for that. That is an awesome mini.

  • Nightbee

    In for the weird sad-faced hound.

  • This looks promising! Thanks for the giveaways btw!

  • Hieronymous

    Count me In !!!!

  • Eric Ironthorne


  • jwolfrat

    Yes please!

  • unhingedtangent

    Great Mini

  • azeikel

    Sweet mini, count me in.

  • Erzanj

    A great mini, especially for Inquisitor in 28mm !

  • Siygess

    Awesome mini – would look great as a character model for Dark Heresy!

  • jackwmckay

    I have seen this figure used as a great Inquisimunda character. The cybermastif is great, it looks simple, but when you look closely it is full of amazing details! I would love to add one to my collection!

  • vinsal

    That’s a nice mini

  • Delgrieve

    I would love to own this piece!

  • Harvok

    I’m in for a mini šŸ™‚

  • FlatHead

    I am in

  • maroonldr


  • ElDavePhoto

    I am the law!

  • Splat

    That would be quite nice to own… and be able to paint and use with my Enforcers gang.


  • ADarkRogue

    That’s a nice looking figure….. thx for offering the contest!

  • Maybe my luck will be better this time!

  • kenohhkc

    add me to the list

    • Thargor

      Me too please.

  • Mellowshade

    Woot! Go enforcers.

  • Dez

    I always wanted a puppy!

  • Zweischneid

    No Dwarf for me? Well, I’ll definitely need to get the puppy than!!!

  • AndrewKnapik

    This will be perfect for my favorite Dark Heresy character!

  • All that enforcer goodness, how could I say no???

  • colonelroe

    Great model. Want.

  • marshall66

    Imagine taking that for a walk at the local dog park..Great character model need that one for my Corporation army

  • Plus2Cents

    This would be absolutely wonderful for my Dark Heresy game. Sign me up!

  • jareth5157

    I’ve got a few projects in the works that could really use a model like this. Gotta love givaways.

  • TheHoboBaron

    I’ve always been a fan of the enforcers, Love the mini

  • bladestalker

    would give much love to this figure.

  • Gailbraithe

    Oh, I have to have this guy. This is my hat, in the ring.

  • jasonf

    Thanks for the contests!

  • raybaker90

    Great looking minis. Those would be fun to paint.

  • jacksuit

    Count me in!

  • odinsgrandson

    I think I saw him at Gencon (GW had a booth last year)

  • wadders

    I’m in – thanks for the contests

  • Honu

    I’m in too!! I want that enforcer so much

  • Iā€™m in too!! I want one! šŸ™‚

  • corsair117

    Nice looking mini pick me, pick me!

  • FearGFX

    i’d love to enter for the mini! šŸ™‚

  • atacam

    Add me too please. šŸ™‚

  • StratManKudzu

    This would be the perfect addition to my Guard

  • angora

    He is very cool. Count me in too.

  • wulfric

    [insert amusing comment here]

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Gallahad

    Cool figure.

  • shardy

    Long time listener, first time caller.

    Love the show!

  • Cervantes3773

    Please pick my name.

  • PICK ME!

  • Blackspade

    I’m In!
    Great figure.

  • wachaza

    Sign me up!

  • Scud

    TGN kicks butt!

  • SpruferMLB

    I throw my proverbial hat in the rings general direction!

  • Thargor

    Please add me into the bucketful of hopefuls.

  • eddieharr


  • cgutshal

    Put me on the list as well, I would love this guy for Necromunda!

  • Gubbinz

    Here is my witty remark that somehow makes the RNG pick me.

  • extropymine

    Put me on the list! I need a dog!

  • Concrete

    Here, me, please. The wife keeps bugging me to get a dog. She’ll be sooo happy!

  • PaD

    oo, Pick me, pick me, pick me!!

  • deadairis

    Nice. Would like!

  • captaindamon

    Add me to the list, please. Thanks for doing the drawing!

  • Wolf Scout Ewan

    One of their best figures to date!

  • Bobofreak

    Peace and Chicken Grease

  • Iyonjin

    Man that’s awesome.

  • Basement Dweller

    Loving the give-aways…

  • yetti8

    Great stuff, keep it up…

  • rabblerouser


  • Talarius

    Would be perfect for some Necromunda games. šŸ™‚

  • JoeGKushner

    Looks like a neat set. Could be useful for a few genres.

  • Hodjo Kosqu

    I like the civilian/security type figures for games. I wish there were more available, especially for science fiction settings.

  • grimbergen

    i love furries!

  • dynath

    I miss Adeptus Arbites on the table top. 2nd edition felt so much more diverse in army selection. Police versus genetically engineered super soldiers…

  • isura-kun

    thanks for this initiatives!! i hope be lucky!!

  • IIsoulle

    Cool model. Hope I win it!

  • mac2

    look at us! eager for adding one new mini to the shelter where the oldest lay for years! How pitiful is it…but I can’t resist a free mini… I WANT it !!

  • Ledeberge

    If anyone can bring back the Arbites and make them cool then it’s Forgeworld.

  • Bewulf

    Oh, I would love that!

  • AaaBattery


  • Imperator

    I definitely needs this for Necromunda. Gloria mundi! šŸ˜€

  • mathieu

    I already posted so hopefully this won’t be seen as a shrewd ploy to get my name twice in the hat or anything… but would it be possible to not have the comments for future giveaways show in the “recent comments” column of TGN? It just floods it unnecessarily.


    Nice looking figure.
    Hmm…did I miss it?

  • Clash for a Cure

    Nice mini! I missed seeing that one when it was released!

  • eMills

    I love this mini! What time Friday is the drawing? I hope I didn’t miss it…

  • ferk


  • bloodsbane

    Am I too late?

  • evil_bryan

    Not sure if I am too late, but might as well try šŸ™‚

  • ecthelion

    What happened with this? Who won?