Win a copy of Claustrophobia

Asmodee US is offering a chance for five lucky TGN readers, in North America, to win a copy of the Claustrophobia board game.

Claustrophobia box.jpg Asmodee logo devil.jpg

Here’s your chance to win a free copy of our latest release Claustrophobia. In conjunctions with Tabletop Gaming News Asmodee US will send, to five participants who answer three simple questions correctly, a free copy of Claustrophobia. This game is made by Croc, who is the same author who created Age of Gods and the miniatures game Hell Dorado.

This game is for two players, one plays the Demons and the other the Humans. The board is built during the course of the game. Since it’s a scenario based miniatures game, it results in a high replay value and more scenarios will be posted on the Claustrophobia blog for free. The 17 figurines are pre-painted and they are only waiting for your participation to make you eligible for the contest… and go directly to your game table.

So here are the questions:

  1. How many tiles are included in the box?
  2. What do I need to activate the Sharpened Claws?
  3. How many scenarios are available in the box?

Send your answers to this email before December 31 2009:

The game rules can be download from the Claustrophobia blog.

Winners will be announced on TGN and on the Asmodee US website in January. This contest is for North Americans only. No game will be shipped outside USA, Canada or Mexico.

Good luck to everyone.