Wild West Exodus previews Gustav Eiffel artwork

Wild West Exodus posted up some preview artwork for another of their models, Gustav Eiffel. He’s already been unlocked in their Kickstarter campaign, by the way.

From the preview:

Hey guys, sorry we have been so quiet on Facebook. We have been working our little fingers off on the KS campaign going on now.

Go there now to check out the new unlocked boss models from wave 3 and the terrain. Here is Eiffel in all his colored glory.

  • cama

    Well, when this ISN’T a Kickstarter, I will probably buy some of this as it does look really cool. But cool kids don’t do Kickstarter!

  • Kickstarter has (d)evolved to the online equivalence of TV-shoping: “Order now and take part in this amazing limited time offer or forever burn in hell”… but yes – this product does look cool.

  • So far I really want this spider walker but nothing else in the kickstarter, trying to work out how to just get it though