Why just Kickstart one game when you can do it for 4?

Angry Ogre Games has a Kickstarter campaign up and running for four games all at once. Pledge for just one, some or all the games as you see fit.


From the campaign:

Firstly, thanks for checking us out. Secondly, we think you look great too. Thirdly, you may be asking why we’re trying to run a campaign for four board games at once. The answer is simple. We can.

Unlike many board game companies, we don’t need to rely on single, large orders of one game at a time from an overseas manufacturer. We make the games right here in our facilities, in the USA. This allows us to make individual print runs in whatever quantities we need. It also means that we aren’t bound to the schedules of other companies and the variety of delays that can occur so we can get you your games quicker.

Angry Ogre Games is hoping to use the funding from this project to, not only to bring great games to your tabletop groups, but also to expand our operations to be able to offer you more. We have gathered the basic essentials we need to bring you quality board games produced right here in the US. We are able to make boards, cards, and plastic pieces. There are still things like dice though that we have to rely on overseas manufacturing for. We have the know-how, but are unable to do it alone. That’s why we need you. Angry Ogre Games’ end-goal is to be able to offer our services to other indie designers to be able to have small, affordable, high-quality print-runs or prototypes done.

If you back us, you aren’t just pledging for a game (or four). You’re backing our dream of becoming one of America’s beloved game companies. We are not a fly-by-night, theoretical company here to take your money and send it to someone else for the heavy lifting. We care about what we do, that it’s done right, and that you’re happy with it. This is our kick-off, and we want it to be big. Now on to the games!