Who let the Dogs of War out?

CoolMiniOrNot has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their latest board game, Dogs of War.
I’m really excited for this one. I had a blast playing it. If you’re big into bluffing, asset-placement, back-stabbing games, you should check it out.

Dogs of War


From the campaign:

Conceived by renowned game designer Paolo Mori, Dogs of War is an elegant game set in a steampunk-influenced renaissance universe. Noble houses engage each other in a series of fierce battles, and it is up to the players and the Dogs of War they control to deploy their private armies in support of whatever house they wish to favour.

Game Overview:
Players take to the battlefield as one of the Dogs of War! As Captains of their own private army, each Dog of War has a special ability that will help them win influence, battles, or betray the house they’ve sworn allegiance to!