Whispe Editions running Indiegogo campaign for Furie, ArcanePunk Antica Skirmish Game

By Polar_Bear
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Oct 19th, 2013

Whispe Editions is running an Indiegogo campaign in order to fund Furie, a new ArcanePunk Antica skirmish game they’ve been working on.


From the campaign:

Furie : A powerful, fast and lethal skirmish game, in an ancient arcanepunk universe… where each faction is defined by its psychology as well as by its powers, giving a unique « touch » to the different populations on the battlefield.

At the heart of a continent dominated by an orcish Empire on the decline, endless Dwarf caravans flee the return of powerful Yetis, servants of the god of winter, Ygmir, battles rages !!!

Will you decide to join the expansionary Goblin Soviet Republic, who according to the wisest men could soon become the greatest power of the continent ? Will you be a preacher of the usurpers Gods from the stars in the heart of the Kingdom of Esialdes ? Will you contribute to spread the madness of the elfic hordes on the continent ?

And many other amazing populations !!!

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  • tuco

    What the heck is “ArcanePunk”?

  • Riquende

    Had to look it up, but it has a Wikipedia article is therefore a ‘thing’ these days. Apparently it’s where there’s both science/industry and magic. The World of Warcraft and Fable universes qualify, as do Privateer’s Iron Kingdoms.

    So now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

    • ctaylor

      Yo Joe!

  • whispe

    Hi friends, It’s exactly that, fantasyverse where lowtech is present (with some magial-technological stuff…) , For exemple, in Furie , Both Dwarves and Goblin are industrialized, people of some other races use also some Artefacts with kind of “technological” use… Gods and Avyrs (the Angel) lives in flying fortress, and the world escape to some great meteo problems with a Mechanism called World-Machine, Dwarves use Steam-Magical fighting Exoskelleton… Ect
    If you Remember Battle-chaser,played Wow ,Fable or LoL or read Discworld, you know ArcanePunk :D!