What’s Changed in DreadBall Second Edition?

Whenever a game goes through an edition change, there’s going to be things that stay the same and things that change. I mean, there’s a new edition, so there’s gotta be changes. But many players might be anxious to see what those are. Did a favorite mechanic get an overhaul? Did a model’s rules change? There can be a lot of anxiety over all of that. Well, Mantic’s here to put your worries at ease with a look at what’s changed in the new edition of DreadBall.

From the post:

Hello sports fans!

We’re fast approaching the launch of the galaxy’s best sports game: DreadBall Second Edition! The stadium is ready, all the blood stains have been wiped off the neodurium pitch and the cheerleaders are doing their warm ups. In preparation we wanted to look at what’s changed in the rules between first edition and second edition. Spoilers: it’s quite a lot.

Below you’ll find an overview about what’s changed in the new version. The idea behind the changes was simple: we wanted to rebalance all the existing teams while also tightening up the rules to make it more fast, fun and furious (not necessarily in that order). Below you’ll see a quick run down of the major changes that’ll make second edition better than ever!