What is Osprey Adventures?

Osprey Publishing is coming out with new Osprey Adventures, but they’re being very coy about it so far, just giving us a little teaser to get you starting to think about it.

From the teases:

Next week Osprey Publishing will be issuing a press release about a new imprint. We thought the readers of Table Top Gaming News might like a little sneak preview…

  • Shades

    That is one gorgeous illustration. I hope to see that in next year’s Spectrum.

    Now this is a teaser! (Take note, GW — this is how you do a teaser) I am definitely intrigued.

  • Sunstrider910

    This teaser is full of eels. It also looks awesome, and has me very curious. Any chance of a desktop background osprey, or someone better then me at picture manipulation?


  • Haibane

    Jason and the Golden Fleece – something about Greek mythology then?

  • Polar_Bear

    I know I’m intrigued. Giant land-eels for the win!

  • cybogoblin

    A true teaser indeed. I’m now very much looking forward to this press release.