West Wind Productions previews new coaches and carriages for Empire of the Dead

West Wind Productions put up a little video showing off some greens they’re working on for Empire of the Dead’s coaches and carriages.

From the preview:

First glimpse of the work in progress on our Victorian Machines, Coaches and Carriages for Empire of the Dead; our ingenious 28mm Steampunk, Victoriana, Gothic Horror Game. This is the second phase of brand new miniatures and models to populate your Steampunk, Victorian Gothic universe.

Our model maker, Andrew Rawling, is currently fine tuning these plastic masters to ensure they are spot on before we put them through the resin casting process

  • Nosaj Verush

    Is anyone out there who can comment on this game? Is it a good one? I like the setting and feel, but would like to hear its a winner.

  • Agamemnon2

    There’s something of a community over at the Lead Adventure forum (http://www.lead-adventure.de/) , with battle reports and suchlike posted there regularly. The people over yonder could surely give you an gamer’s verdict into the game.