We’re getting there

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to give you an update on how things are coming along with TGN’s update.
You’ve maybe noticed things moving around a little more on the page as we listen to feedback and update accordingly.

Some things we’ve done, thanks to your input:

1. Upped the contrast behind the news stories, so you can read the text better.
2. Full news stories on the page, so no having to click to read it all (unless it’s a really long update).
3. As you can see, photos are back.
4. There’s a new mobile layout for you to check out.
5. The “Submit News” form is back (I’m very happy for that one).

Now, we’re not entirely done yet. There’s still a few features we’re working on. We’re really wanting to make the site simpler to sort through so you can find the stories you’re interested in much more easily. Plus there might be still some visual changes as well.

Thanks again for your patience as we work to update the site.

  • Daniel36

    I already said it on the bug squash update, but thanks for the mobile version. Works like a charm.

  • thetang22

    It is really rough commenting on all these changes. It’s tough to say things without sounding ungrateful, but man…all these changes just seem so unnecessarily forced.

    Is it better than what it was 2-3 days ago? Yes, because that was horrendously bad. Is it better than the old site? No. The old mobile site looked exactly like the desktop version, which was fine. All it required was an initial zoom to focus in on just the headlines and content, and then it was every bit as good as the old desktop site. Doing that small step was a very minor inconvenience when compared to everything that’s come with the new site design.

    The new mobile site is better than the mess that has existed for the last few days, but here are reasons it’s not as good as the old site:
    – the preview pic is nearly impossible to gather any relevant info from. The old site you got a nice size able preview before choosing to click a link
    – there is no text preview of the article. Sometimes the headlines are too vague to get a good sense of what the article might be about. Having that preview text combined with the headline (….like the old site….) filled in enough blanks to allow you to choose if the article was relevant for you.

    The lack of a better preview pic and preview text makes some articles too vague to know what they are wven about with the new format….these concerns weren’t an issue in the previous site design.

    This is very frustrating to watch all this site update progress, because it feels like their would be MUCH simpler solution than jumping through all these hoops to force a new site design.

    • blkdymnd

      Agreed on all counts

  • thetang22

    p.s. – all my above comments are based on the mobile version of the site

  • trajan

    Well, I didn’t see the need for change, but then I am just a reader. I do know that web browsers have been updated, as well as operating systems and that this could well be behind the need to change, so I am not too bothered by it, generally.
    What I am grateful for is that you listen to your readers and act on the feedback that we give you, even though the comments may sometimes come over as hurtful.
    Thank you for that and for correcting the issues that have been raised. Keep up the good work!

  • I like it, thanks PB

  • The mobile version is now usable, but the font/background colour combo is harder to read. Black on white will always be clearer.

  • Second part of that aimed at the desktop version. (Could do with an edit button)

  • Just spotted a problem with the categories drop down. On Firefox, it opens behind the top left ad panel, so almost unusable.

  • Mananarepublic

    Great update on the mobile version! Thank you for jumping on it quickly.

  • Zac

    I like the changes. Nice to be able to get links in the stories without clicking through and the increased contrast is nice