We’re back to it and an announcement about next year

Hope everyone had a good holiday season. We’re back with the news (or at least, as much as we can find while the gaming companies get back into the swing of things :p ).

One small note:
Next week I’ll be moving. That’s right, I’m headed (back, technically) down to Atlanta to move into the CMON offices, proper. What does this mean for updates? Well, for a short while as I move, find a place and get settled in, it means there’ll be a small gap in posting. I’ll try, obviously, to keep it to a minimum.

But it means a whole host of positives for TGN. Instead of splitting time between this and other projects, TGN will be my full-time position. That means more news, more reviews, more interviews more… everything. We’re looking to update the categories and tags system to make things easier to find. We’re going to be giving you more contests and giveaways. There’ll be more content as TGN kicks into high gear. It’s gonna be fun and I can’t wait to get started.

  • ferk

    Good luck on your move and look forward to a new and improved TGN.

  • Soulfinger

    Sorry to hear that you have to live in Atlanta, but congratulations nonetheless. This page seems to have some good insights into the area from locals if you are still looking for a place to live.

  • Thanks for the kind words. I lived in Atlanta a little over a year and a half ago. I was in Hiram for 4 years (which is to the West). Now I’ll be near Alpharetta, which is North. So I’ve got something of a social net already in place down there.

    Still, it’s a big change and I’m super-excited about it. I simply can’t get down there soon enough. I’ve just got a few last loose ends to tie up here, then it’s Atlanta-bound.

    • Soulfinger

      Cool beans. I’m happy to hear that this is a triumphant return to your old stomping grounds. Best wishes.

  • Awesome news! Making a great thing even better!

  • Troublemaker Games

    Good luck with the move!

    Once you’re settled in, if you want to do a review of our game Timeline 300, send us an email and we’ll see what we can supply you with. 🙂

    • Thanks!

      Doing more reviews in-house is definitely something that’s going to be a priority. So I’ll definitely be in touch.

  • estrus

    Atlanta? Watch out for zombies! =)

  • Congratulations! I am looking forward to see what will happen overhere 🙂

  • Safe travels and congratulations!!

  • cama

    One thing I hope there is more of in 2013 is cowbell. More cowbell!

    • Soulfinger

      Baby, before we’re done here y’all be wearing gold-plated diapers.

  • darkendlight

    Welcome to Atlanta!

  • jim7

    Hopefully this will mean less Kickstarter. Often times it looks like 70% of the page is taken up by random Kickstarters. It’s annoying.

    • cama

      I’m thinking of starting a Kickstarter to end all other Kickstarters! Imagine, a world without constant Kickstarter projects! I hate them! Hate them!

    • That’s not for me to decide. Kickstarters are news. This is a news-reporting site. Hence, we end up with Kickstarters.

      It’s like in October when everyone was putting out Zombie stuff. I got tired of it, but it was still news and still needed to be posted. Or around Thanksgiving and everyone was having an online sale. It was news, so I posted it.

      I don’t make the news (well, not the hugely vast majority of it), just report the news. If the news is Kickstarter, that’s what I’ll report. Don’t blame me, I’m just the messenger. If you want there to be fewer Kickstarter projects, you need to go tell all the gaming companies out there, “I don’t want you to do Kickstarters.” Telling me won’t change anything.

      • Soulfinger

        Kickstarter is part of the gaming landscape now. Wishing there were less of them is like wishing they hadn’t built so many skyscrapers downtown. Nothing to be done about it.

      • cybogoblin

        One improvement might be some way for project updates to auto-publish instead of having them sit in a queue with the rest of the news. That might help people see those last-minute updates from popular projects.

      • Riquende

        New Kickstarters themselves are okay to report on as news, but the same Kickstarter popping up day after day as ‘news’ is tiresome. I think what people have a problem with is when the reporting gets like this:

        “Kickstarter X has just 7 days to go to, get over there and pledge now”

        then the next day:

        “Kickstarter X has just met its target, and have posted up some stretch goals, go check them out”

        then a few days later

        “Kickstarter X is heading into its final few days, help them push their total even higher”

        So on.

        • Soulfinger

          I can agree with you there. What bothers me more though is:

          Mediocre Miniatures posts concept art for Chaos Spawn Snuffleupagus Hybrid!

          Medicore Miniatures posts WIP half-finished green for Chaos Spawn Snuffleupagus Hybrid!

          Mediocre Miniatures posts WIP three-quarter finished green for Chaos Spawn Snuffleupagus Hybrid — now with riboflavin!

          Mediocre Miniatures posts finished green for Chaos Spawn Snuffleupagus Hybrid with multiple angles and director’s cut video commentary!

          Mediocre Miniatures posts photos of painted Chaos Spawn Snuffleupagus Hybrid standing next to a quarter for scale!

          Mediocre Miniatures posts photos of painted Chaos Spawn Snuffleupagus Hybrid with glossy spray finish!

          Mediocre Miniatures posts photos of painted Chaos Spawn Snuffleupagus Hybrid with glossy spray finish and wearing an optional cowboy hat!

          Cowboy-hat wearing Chaos Spawn Snuffleupagus Hybrid involved in sordid sex scandal with Lady Gaga

          Some sort of limit to the number of times a single product (KS or otherwise) gets reported would be nice. I can’t recall the most egregious examples of this happening, but then again this site is like crack for me, so it is feasible that I would be annoyed by something popping up three times in a month when a less crack-addled mind would miss two out of three of those mentions.

          • Soulfinger

            Urban Mammoth’s Dune Raider, that was one! Around 4 or 5 posts about a single model.

  • Trent

    Polar_Bear, you do good work and it’s gotta be tough filling Zac’s shoes over the past year.

    I’d like to take the year-end opportunity to make some suggestions on News post formatting.

    Don’t put punctuation in titles.
    E.g. PK-Pro turns 7, holding sale now online
    Fixed: PK-Pro celebrates 7 year anniversary sale
    Eliminate needless verbage in titles
    E.g. PK-Pro turns 7, holding sale now online
    The “now online” part is a given, otherwise you wouldn’t be posting it.
    Make link destinations obvious
    E.g. Action Games Miniatures gives us another look at a 3D render they’re working on for Drake with the Mammoth.
    Your Action Games Miniatures link goes to their Indigogo page….so state that in the link somehow! Otherwise, it looks like the user is going to be taken to the company’s own page.
    Fixed: The Drake Indigogo campaign presents a new 3D render for a Mammoth miniature.
    Images that are links should pop-up in the TGN viewer. Don’t link to external sites with image links unless you somehow indicate to the user that they will be nav-ing off TGN.

    These are just few linking best-practices that can be found around the web.

    Thanks for your work and Happy New Year!

    • Soulfinger

      Trent, yours is probably one of the best posts made on this site, and I whole-heartedly agree with you — particularly about images opening in the TGN viewer.

  • Doppelbock

    Great suggestions Trent. I think that not every stretch goal should be posted as news.