Welcome to Attica, a new miniatures company

By Polar_Bear
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Sep 12th, 2012

Attica Games is a new miniatures company. Go check them out.

From the announcement:

If you love fantasy horror, classic sci-fi or just something that exercises the geeky grey matter then you’ll want to be among the first to catch up with new miniatures producer Attica Games. Produced on the “heroic 32mm scale”, Attica’s miniatures capture the fun, flair and just plain strangeness of some of celluloid and broadcasting’s finest fare. We’re starting with three full ranges.

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  • Nachtpfiffel

    I like the idea of the big bang theorie group and the aliens from Dr Who, but either the painting is so terrible or the sculpting.

  • kalamadea

    It’s the sculpting, mainly. Everything is WAY too thin. The painting certainly doesn’t help, it’s actually above average quality compared to what you’d see playing at most stores, but not something good enough to really sell the figs.

  • estrus

    Seriously, why so skinny?

  • Gailbraithe

    Oof. That’s some awful sculpting.

  • Henrix

    I love them. They’re good sculpts. (The painting is a bit rough, though. It doesn’t scale up to the photos.)

    And finally someone who does it a little different, in his own style!

  • arclight

    I agree with Henrix that they are good sculpts. They definitely have the ‘feel’ for classic sci fi, horror etc Im also not bothered about the paint job as id be doing my own…