Weekend madness sees Mantic break $130,000

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jun 19th, 2012

Kings of War broke $130k over the weekend, and is climbing ever higher (it’s hard to type “they’re at X-amount” because it’s always higher by the time the post is even an hour old). They’ve got some nice stuff lined up for the next stretch goal at $150. Here’s a look.

From the update:

Mantic broke two Stretch Goals over the weekend, bringing sprueless Elf Palace Guard and Goblin Fleabag Riders into production with them!

They are on the verge of crashing through another with Abyssal Dwarf Immortal Guard, and there are TWO kits up for grabs at $150,000 – the Elf Stormwind Cavalry and the Twilight Kin Dark Knights!

Check the Mantic Kickstarter update page is keep up to date!

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  • tuco

    Good grief, does every word that ends in an ‘s’ get an apostrophe these days?

    • Polar_Bear

      We all tyop from time to tiem.

  • AccessDenied


  • Concept art like that and you are worried about an apostrophe?? I think there are more worrisome things here 🙂

    • Grindar

      the concept art is fine. The sculptor knows how a horse looks, that drawing is just the highlights of how to make the armor for that particular unit. Ditto on the elf armor…it’s actually pretty close looking to a mantic elf as-is, but the scupltor should know how to do that part, no need to waste time filling that in. Especially if it was made and posted in a hurry as yet another stretch goal because the donors(investors? kickstarters? What do you call them anyhow?) keep being awesome.

  • There is no excuse for ‘made and posted in a hurry’. Take some pride in the work. I know what a horse looks like too, but if you are going to show off work as incentive you should maybe show off good work. Maybe this should be seen only by the art people because it is a detraction to me.
    I think mantic achieving stretch goals is fantastic 🙂

  • Black Nexus

    It’s old concept art from 2009 just to support the story. I mean, they didn’t have any supporting material for the mummies and the Gargoyles, so something is better than nothing right?

    Thought the Angel they had done is fething awesome.

  • Osbad

    According to the interview on the Bad Dice Daily podcast, Mantic didn’t really expect to get beyond the $20k point, so they really are having to work fast and on the fly. I think its great! I can forgive a few shonky concepts simply for the fact that this is so exciting, and that with the seed capital in place, the bottleneck that was holding up Mantic’s release schedule is now much widened!

  • Black Nexus

    Yep – so it’s amazing they’ve managed to get this: