Wayland Games “acquires” Beasts of War

According to their site and their new property Tabletop Nation, Wayland Games is partnering with Beasts of War on a new project with a view to completely fold Beasts of War into the new entity.

While discussions are advanced for Beasts of War to become a wholly-owned but journalistically independent media subsidiary of Tabletop Nation, for other partners such as local stores it is important to understand that what is proposed is not a franchise-type arrangement: it is anticipated that for most commercial organisations, being “part of Tabletop Nation” will build on a common vision through some sharing of branding, purpose and delivery.

We can confirm that from March next year Tabletop Nation will have its home located just to the east of London, where it will be served by excellent rail, road and air links. Facilities will include a showpiece store, a modern gaming centre, and a media and production studio.

It’s not immediately apparent what Tabletop Nation is from the site:

For gamers there’ll be more news and reviews, better product access both in-store and on-line, and more events and opportunities to enjoy your hobby, all captured within a global brand with local flavours.

For stores and gaming centres there’ll be better merchandising, faster access to more stock, support for EPOS and on-line merchanting systems to reduce overheads while widening the range of products that can be offered, and training opportunities and participation in industry-wide initiatives.

For manufacturers and developers there’ll be access to a bigger and faster growing market, that will be increasingly open to new ideas and genres, with more opportunities for unified and targeted promotional activities, and support for new products and ventures including market research, game development and marketing support.

Some kind of hybrid news, distribution, turn key retail store not-franchise operation?  This editor is both confused and excited.

  • Robert

    Confusion seems like a fair assessment.

    I have always wondered how Beasts of War was making any money – I appreciate a labor of love, but that isn’t really the best for long-term survival.

  • leonmallett

    ‘Wholly owned subsidiary’ and ‘journalistically independent’?

    I am sorry, but there will be conflict between those two facftors at some point, mark my words.

    I really like BoW and have had nothing but good dealings with Wayland Games as a consumer (i.e. no problems of note), so this comment is purely based on the fact that there is potential for conflict of interests.

  • trajan

    You could be right, eventually, but Wayland Games is currently an independent retailer, not a games and figure manufacturer. Because of that, I don’t think that there will be much in the way of a conflict of interests. The only possible one that comes to mind would be that of reporting on other retailers. I doubt that is going to happen and they will want advertising. We’ll see.

    • oozlumgames

      Once upon a time, Games Workshop was an independent retailer and wholesaler…

  • surprize

    As with owning a sports team I’m never sure quite how people are going to get rich from Wargames; doing things well and making maximum profit don’t immediately seem to be the same thing.

    Therefore whenever I see wargamming and impenetrable corporate speak in the same arena I immediately become worried and suspicious.

    I also note that there is no mention of trying to harmonise the key deliverables, grow the customer focused end-member target core infrastructure or even rationalising supply chain logistic functionality.

    I wonder if the person who wrote this even knows what they mean?

    • KelRiever

      Said as well as I could imagine. I too look at these sort of announcements with a ‘Delusions of grandeur’ take and while I could be wrong, cynical is really the only way I can read this particular announcement.

      • cmon-chern

        Depends on what you mean by “rich”. Certainly not Facebook rich, but if you: 1. Know what you’re doing and 2. Do it with love and attention to detail, it’s like any other sector. GW has 100++ mil in revenue, PP rumored teens (millions) and the larger independent retailers all have at least 7 digit turnovers.

  • Klaetch

    I’m scared.

    • leonmallett

      Why specifically?

  • TMK

    I thought Wayalnd games has sort of “owned” BoW the whole time?

  • janus

    I really do not understand all this fearmongering.

    Yet it remains to be seen how the Tabletop Nation thing will shape out at the end.

    Until now, all we can do is judge what BOW and Wayland have done until now and by doing so, try to anticipate what might await us in matters of “ethic” behavior.

    I think BOW does great things to support the hobby as a whole. There is no other resource in the internet that offers comperable amount and quality contributions of hobby relatetd articles, videos and events. They support all the little systems like Infinity, Dark Age and many others to their companies benefits and of course they recieve support from those companies in case of exclusive content and information, which is only fair and to our benefit as gamers.

    All in all they do a lot to spread and support the hobby and offer a plattform for sesasoned gamers and hobbists or people interested to get into the hobby and I am eager so see them evolve and form new alliances in the hobby industry. Until now I got a great deal of joy from them.

    AND there is this marvellous coot Darell. Images of him half naked and dressed in an nippled golden armour still haunt me. He is the kind of thing you will find at the end of a rainbow in a bad dream. From tip to toe he is politically incorrect, he truly wears the Sanguinors Wings in his heart. I just love him. And shoud he ever die on the battlefield I will be the one to retrieve his gene seed, since a man of such greatness must be one the the emperors own !

  • Ghost

    It’s one of the most excited and least informative press releases offered recently: We are adding distribution to our business, we are opening a store in London, we are aligning with BoW. Apologies, but it seems like flagwaving without a flag.

    From gamers “weren’t you doing this already?”, from retailers “how is this competing with our current suppliers?”, and from manufacturers “we already have this sorted”. Ultimately Tabletop Nation will only be able to compete on price while maintaining current service levels.

  • CrimsonOrc

    We’ve already seen Wayland’s use of BoW through the promotion of the Heavy Gear range which coincidently Wayland has exclusive distribution rights on. Oh well, like you say see what happens but I’m not sure how BoW can stay independent for long. Personally, I think they should be run by donation only and do it for the ‘love of the hobby’ rather than become some mouthpiece for some company. Really would they talk continue to about Bane Legions from Maelstrom etc?? I really like the BoW guys but closely ties with Wayland or any other retailer seems like a bad idea all round.

  • blkdymnd

    I don’t know, you could say the same about this site. I’m not, but it’s an identical situation now.

  • CplHicks

    Let´s see how that develops in concrete detail before we start getting strange ideas. It seems necessary to remind people this site here is now owned by Coolminiornot and when this was announced people had basically the same fears as experessed above. As it turns out so far, those fears were unfounded.

    So far we indeed have little concrete information. In the best case, BoW will get even better because of increased resources. At worst they will go away which would be a pity imho but hardly the end of the world. I am curious what they are up to and hope it will indeed such a boost to our hobby as they hope it will be.

  • IndyMike

    Based on their announcement, I have no idea what they are planning on actually doing. I guess I need to hear more from them.

    I support them monthly and am granted the ‘Backstage’ access. That offering has not been what was promised but I kept it going to support them. However, when it changes from a ‘love of the hobby’ venture to an overt commercial endeavor, I don’t feel I need support financially any longer. I would like more transparency on this front. I’ll see how it plays out and then make my decision.

  • ogretyrant

    BoW I feel have done alot of good things for the hobby, and I feel they are trying to grow the hobby as well. They have introduced me to a lot of new games with there coverage and reviews of them and getting me interested by showing me demo’s/videos instead of a headline and a few lines of text. When I want a quick glance of wargame news I come here if I want an in depth look or review of a model/game system I go to BoW. So I feel this is a good thing and a lot of negative feedback is from ppl trying to compare the venture to GW which is a mistake I feel as they are only one type of ‘model’ to compare it to. Lets wait for some more news and see how this turns out. I feel this is going to be an interesting one to watch…

    p.s Did CMON buy TTGN or not?

    • cmon-chern

      We took it over in September.