Wave 2 of Swedish Interwar figures released

Adalen Miniatures has the 2nd wave of Swedish Interwar figures now available over in their webshop.


From the release:

Ådalen Miniatures, in partnership with Histori Figs, are now releasing a second wave of their Swedish Interwar range (1910-1936).
The second wave includes machine guns and mortars among other to support your Swedish infantry when they attack.
The new figures are equipped with helmet m/21 (which had a crest in contrast to the helmets in the first wave) and hat m/23.
The machine gun was the Austrian Schwarzlose medium machine gun and was used from 1914. The mortar was a Stokes-Brandt and used from 1929. Among the rest are observers with binoculars, two sitting privates, a private with a BAR and a NCO with a submachine gun.
You can buy them at our shop