Warzone Resurrection is coming

By Polar_Bear
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Feb 3rd, 2013

Prodos Games looks to be bringing back Mutant Chronicles and Warzone.

From the preview:

Now what is this?! Are Warzone and Mutant Chronicles coming back?

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  • TomasT

    Frack yeah!

    If only they (old warzone-people) wouldnt have gotten GW-greedy (and published another edition) I sincerely believe that Warzone would be a household name today, and 40k would be… well, not as dominant.

    • Actually the 2nd edition, while not refined by any modern standards, did improve greatly on the original in my opinion. It gave each army more than 6 unit options, expanded the setting more and gave us cool stuff like the Vulcan Battlesuit.

      • TomasT

        Agreed, but it also gave the ‘No, not another edition’-feel which I think many tried to avoid by leaving WH40k…

    • Killraven

      That was NOT the issue in the slightest! The problem was that the parent company of Target Games took the profits from WarZone & Chronopia (the first games that GW ever feared) and used it to support other, failing, family businesses. WarZone and Chronopia were very profitable enterprises.

  • 1voice2many

    Warzone is comin’ back again!?!

    It must be an odd numbered calendar year.

  • No info at all… If it would have been said in another date, I’d say it’s a joke.

    • February 15th according to a picture my buddy sent me.

      • cybogoblin

        The team are also releasing sneak peeks of the new models each day leading up to the release.

  • What will the scale be this time? 9mm? 45mm?

    Seriously though a new Mutant Chronicles board game a-la Siege of the Citadel would be welcome, and Warzone was pretty good, the models just sucked.

    • The models near the tail end weren’t really any worse than anything else on the market. Hell the Blizters that came out in 2nd edition are great models for their time. Yeah the proportions are a bit off, but that’s heroic scale for you. The older stuff? Yeah; that was pretty awful.

      • Soulfinger

        They’ll need great sculpts with a fresh aesthetic (no giant shoulder pads, hopefully) to succeed this time around. The old molds were destroyed, as I understand it, so this actually may happen.

        I bought into the first incarnation of Warzone because the RPG setting was great and Siege of the Citadel was one of the best board games ever made, but the minis . . . just awful. The vehicles were the worst.

        Some of the later models were adequate, but I disagree about them being great for their time. Then Paradox and FFG further cemented the lines reputation for crap minis with that 54mm game, which was actually quite good for mechanics but the oversize figures really showcased those terrible pre-paints.

    • odinsgrandson

      Oooh, I’d love to see a new edition of Seige of the Citadel with new sculpts and a Sedition Wars style board. That’d be awesome.

  • godra
    • Soulfinger

      Guess I should have looked at this first. The new sculpts look great! Now I am excited.

  • Hmmm… I’ve always loved the imagery associated with this universe; so color me intrigued.

  • Bobofreak

    Please tell me bringing back Chronopia and the releaseing the unreleased “Epic” scale Chronopia might be in the cards some day (soon!!!!)

  • Killraven

    WarZone was probably the best multi-player free-for-all game I’ve seen. Seriously hoping that it will be coming back. Never got into Chronopia, my game group found the minis to be too non-Warhammerish, but we’ve adapted to a lot of new looks over the last decade. Was always very disappointed that Epic Chronopia never shipped. That was major enough to make GW put out a very impromptu new release of Epic 40K back in the day.

  • KelRiever

    Um, non-plussed?

    I mean, good to them. That someone just keeps on trying. But I blame Doom for all of this zombies versus space marines ‘dark future’ thing and really, GW won that battle (in a scummy way). I don’t have a liking for the universe of 40k much either, and that was even when people who cared ran that company.

    Guess it is a generational thing. But I like my science fiction and my occult separate.

    • Soulfinger

      Keep in mind that zombies versus space marines in the dark future predated Doom — in GW’s case by 6 years. Mutant Chronicles came out the same year as Doom, so no joy there either.

      Although MC’s Dark Symmetry was a pretty close parallel to Chaos in WH40K (based in turn on Moorcock’s Elric), the overall setting had more of a William Gibson twist with a more immediate timeline and humanity in a more recognizable form. Either way, yeah, they both have the occult accents.

  • Drusus Geronimo Rat Esq

    This is marvellous news!

    I found the Mutant Chronicles setting fantastic, and was disappointed when Target when belly-up. Maybe they’ll be putting out the rest of the MC faction supplements (was Algeroth the only Dark Symmetry supplement put out, or were there others??).

    Whilst a lot of the figures weren’t good there were a few I really liked, and the concepts of some of the units were really fun which with some decent modern sculpting and moulding could come out superbly.

    And the boardgames were fun too.

    Nostalgia? Yes, but hopefully this is something that’ll actually live up to the rose-tinted memories!!

    • cybogoblin

      I’m pretty sure the Algeroth book was for the RPG, not Warzone. The Warzone books were anthologies, like those for Warmachine and Hordes.