WarTree Co. Launches Their Kickstarter for WarTrees

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Nov 16th, 2014

WarTree Co. has gotten their Kickstarter campaign underway for their Wartrees, polyresin gaming terrain.


From the campaign:

WarTree Co. A brand new venture, just launched a Kickstarter for their line of pre-painted polyresin trees for Miniature Wargaming. The Trees come ready to go right out of the box and look ultra Realistic!

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  • Dewbakuk

    In what way are these “ultra realistic”? They don’t look remotely like real trees.

    • Haibane

      Agreed – when I saw them I thought that they were meant to be cute and cartoon-like, for use with people who wanted to use chibi style minis such as Rivet Wars or Super Dungeon Explore in a tabletop game (ie off their normal boardgame grids).

      • Dewbakuk

        That’s what I thought as well, I was rather surprised when I read the description and more so when I saw the “ultra realistic” oak trees…

  • surprize

    Yeah, these are strange looking beasts. I think the concept is not too bad, but I think they’ve tried to be all things to all people and missed the mark. I’m assuming the shape of the trees is a function of the production process – i.e. the process can’t make very realistic looking trees (the alternative being the project people have only ever seen a child’s drawing of a Christmas tree and no real trees..).

    That being the case if they had done an “Alien Forest” project making weird shaped jungle plants the limitations would have been hidden, and they could have appealed to 40K, warmachine, infinity players. They could even probably have ripped off Tyranid spore towers as a forest with the same methods and called them something else.

    PLUS that sort of stuff is a real gap in the market, whereas they are competing against buying some cheap model train trees & sticking them onto washers which looks better and is equivalent price.

  • malwych

    I assumed from the image that these would be sturdy, robust, ‘gaming’ trees’, aimed for functionality rather than realism. Then I read the ‘ultra-realistic’ comment, and… um… what?

  • mac

    I agree to all the comments about “realistic trees”…

    PLUS these remind me of Paul Mc Carthy’s “sculpture” which had some trouble in Paris a few weeks ago :

  • geudens

    I hope this is an early April Fools day joke…

  • hithero

    Horrible things, reminds me of 1980’s computer game graphics.