Wartime Miniatures preview new 20mm figures

Wartime Miniatures have posted photos of several 20mm modern and WWII figures they are working on.

modern SF in baseball caps

From their announcement:

Just a few shots of some WIP i am currently tackling. Still tidying up to do, but figured i would show where i am at!

I am updating all the insurgent packs. This has been in the pipeline for a couple of months now to try and consolidate all the figures and mould setups. It has been great seeing some of the recent 20-28mm releases, which have inspired me for figures. There will now be a small arms pack (7 figures), Support weapons pack (7 figures), Commanders pack (3 figures) Heavy Weapons pack (5 figures) and Local Tribesmen pack (5 figures).

The pics below show 2 of the WIP commanders with handheld radios/phones, new Spt weapon fella with AK and RPG and New Small arms pack fella. The kneeling guy with hand up will go in heavy weapon pack and will suit either the Mortar or PKM in prone position as he watches fall of shot.