Warsmith launches Warboards Kickstarter campaign

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Sep 23rd, 2013

Warsmith has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund their new Warboards terrain boards for tabletop gaming.


From the campaign:

The Warboard is an innovative, quick, easy, attractive and cost effective playing area for 28mm tabletop wargaming that folds down in to something about the size of a few stacked magazines or rule books.

And its almost ready to go into production now!

Each Warboard is constructed of 2mm solid board, is double sided and folds out to 2′ by 3′ gaming area (61cm x 91.5cm), so two boards makes 3′ by 4′, four generates 4′ by 6′ and so on. Each side of the board is printed with a different option, these options are explained further down the page. The innovative patten designs means that there is no limit to how many board you can join together. One Warboard can be combined with others in the range to generate beautifully diverse battlefields with an almost infinite combination of orientation options. So you can keep your battlefield layouts fresh, diverse and engaging with minimal fuss!

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  • guges

    This product looks like it could be really useful. There are two factors that seem to make it not worthwhile, however.

    1) The sizes are really wonky for skirmish games such as Infinity, Mercs, and Malifaux. These games are played on 4’x4′ tables and instead of selling me two 2’x2′ boards, I have to buy a full 4’x6′ board in order to get complete coverage of my table. This then gives me an awkward sized gaming area for skirmish games.
    2) Compared to Tablescapes, which are solid plastic and will therefore last a lot longer, the price just isn’t cheap enough. Zuzzy mats are also going to be cheaper and more durable. If you could could make a 4’x4′ board with the $60-70 (rough currency conversion) two board option, it might be worth it. But you’re paying a lot of money for what is essentially cardboard, and skirmish gamers have to buy a lot more than they really need. Shipping to the U.S. will also make this product cost prohibitive.

    So these guys have almost hit the mark, but it seems like they’re just not quite there, especially for skirmish gamers.

    • Paconious

      If they are selling 2’x2′ boards, you would need four to make a 4’x4′ board.

      That said, the product looks really interesting, but, as I am sure the rest of the world has felt about almost every American Kickstarter project, the shipping out of country is killer. About $20 to have it shipped to the US. Maybe after it is successful, it will make it through normal distribution channels and will be a bit cheaper.

      • guges

        Well 2’x3′ is still an awkward size… even if my math sucks :).

        • cannondaddy

          I think MERCS is played on 2×3.

          • guges

            I know I’m right about one thing. This could be perfect for Infinity and it isn’t…

            … unless I’m wrong like I was about everything else :).

  • Soulfinger

    I’m still trying to figure out the innovative part. Is it because of the geomorph-type layout, which was “innovative” back in 1976? I’d rather just buy a sheet of hardboard and cut it into the 2’x2′ sections, and then either model the terrain on or print out some images to lacquer to them, but whatever, it’s not a DIY hobby for everyone.

    • You are a better man than I putting down all those words as I just went “pffft!” in my mind. Actually it was “pffft! cardboard!” Everyone should have augmented reality boards instead… Awesome stuff.

      • Soulfinger

        My augmented reality board involves chalkboard paint with blue and red chalk that I can look at through old-school 3D glasses. Also, if someone says, “I don’t get it,” I punch them in the face to show how real it is.

  • BaSaint

    I guess I’m not sure about this either. Why would you pay the equivalent of a KS fully featured game system for just a 4×6 board-game board with go game pieces?
    Plus, I’m not a fan of the pound/dollar variance that gets IMO, slightly abused on KS.

  • BaSaint

    Ugh…go should be no game pieces