Warsenal releases the first of their new terrain line

By Polar_Bear
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Feb 28th, 2013

Warsenal has brand new sci-fi terrain available now over in their webshop.

From the announcement:

Warsenal is happy to announce it’s first MDF terrain and acrylic marker releases

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  • These looks pretty spiffy – for being MDF laser cut stuff. That is the problem with all HDF and MDF laser cut stuff for me. THey don’t ever compete with resin and plastic buildings. I would buy them if they were competatively priced, but they are not.

  • Dude

    These are indeed pricey. But also very good. It’s nice to see some sci-fi laser-cut stuff that directly challenges MAS Infinity terrain.

    As for comparing MDF to resin, I consider playable interiors very important. If that comm station (or whatever it is) can’t take its top off and let your minis inside, then it’s got no value that a resin or hardfoam building doesn’t have.

    • Dude

      Holy F, I just took a closer look on the website. The command bunker is a VERY useful building, especially for Infinity.

      Add some new objective pieces and you’ve got a very versatile centerpiece.

      • I suppose it’s because I am not really a gamer as much as I like shiny things that look good. I get annoyed with the gaps in the roofing wherever there is an angle. I always look at the pieces from a diorama pow rather than gaming and as such there are not that many futuristic terrain pieces I actually like.

        It’s very interesting to hear your reaction though as I am taking that is the biggest selling point for the MDF/HDF stuff and I hadn’t really made that connection. I still think it’s way too pricy though.

  • joesmokem

    Damn, these are some nice terrain pieces.