Warploque has new Bayourks of the Cayjon Swamplands

Warploque has some interesting new figs for their Cayjon Swamplands: Bayourks.
Anyone else hear banjos?

From them to you:

Brand new models to boost the ranks of your fantasy warband –

– Papa Shamaduu – Bayourk WitchDockta
– Howlin’ Gump – Bayourk Standard Bearer
– Boglins
– Bull Swamphawg

  • I’m grabbing some of those little boglins for light conversion and use as alt minis for my Gremlin crew in Malifaux.

    • I’d guess that’s their raison d’être.

      • It’s interesting to note that with postage they’re not that far apart in price from Wryd’s Gremlins but the fact that Wyrd have only the four variants of basic Gremlins (and I want quite a few but don’t want dupe sculpts) means I’m looking elsewhere for appropriate minis to add into my crew.