Warpath Forge Father concept art

By tgn_admin
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Jun 29th, 2011

Mantic Games have posted the concept art for the Warpath Forge Father miniature.

From their website:

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Warpath announcement, we’ve some new Warpath concept art on the blog to show you.

Below is just one of the Forge Fathers and boy, what a fantastic job the artist has done.

You may already have spotted this little teaser on Beasts of War or Bell of Lost Soul, but if you’ve missed it, just check out the detail and styling in the picture; it really conveys the look and feel of what we want to do with the race.

Forge Father

  • Veritas

    So, fantasy in space does indeed seem the direction Mantic’s taking with this.

  • The gun looks cool, and so does the basic armor concept, but I’m still just really disappointed in the whole idea of Space Dwarfs. I mean; even GW realized that they were a dumb concept.

    • Zac

      Space Dwarves weren’t a bad idea per se. They just overlapped the Imperial Guard too much. The fact that people still ask for them back indicates something about their popularity.

      Or maybe people just like annoying GW staff at events asking for them.

      • I think it’s more of a nostalgia thing than anything else. At least that’s the vibe I get from talking to people.

        Still, fantasy in space just ain’t my cup of tea.

      • keltheos

        That actually seems intentional. If they’re going to bring back the space dwarves GW turned its back on years and years ago, and they’re not really doing anything original in their lines, but rather releasing GW-clone figs to grab the market share (as their fantasy line seems to indicate), then why not cover two bases?

        Squats: everyone loves them.
        IG replacement: fits their ‘alternate to GW figs’ plan.

        Fills two niches for the Mantic folks.

        • cybogoblin

          There’s been a rumour for a while now that Squats might make a return in the Tau Codex as the Demiurg. Less biker, more industrial.

          (It’s also a lot of fun to pester GW about the Squats)

  • Morf

    Isn’t forge father a GW term (not saying trademarked but used in the lore)?

    • Zac

      THe concept of heavily armored elders is nin the Squat fluff but they we not called Forge Fathers

  • darkendlight

    I do not think that Forge Father was ever used in the Squat fluff. Personally I think the pic looks great and I cannot wait to see the rest of the line. I wonder if they will do a board game like the one they made for fantasy.

  • Not a big fan of the concept artwork.

    Maybe it is the way he is holding the oversized gun. It looks too awkward?

    I am keen to buy the new Warpath Miniatures.

    I have high hopes after seeing the difference between the first release elves (far to skinny & fragile for gaming) and the ghoul models.

    Keep up the great work guys!




    Just. Wow.

    • cybogoblin

      Makes sense, especially when you’re armed with a flame thrower.

  • Tommygun

    It’s a very nice design.
    It is also a safe direction to go in when starting a new line.
    A little fantasy for flavoring is fine.
    As long as they stress the science over the fantasy I’m OK with it.

  • Hellvern

    I really like the majority of the sketches thus far, and I must admit I do find the criticisms of mantic to be extremely unfair, the line they are following is similar to Games workshop, but games workshop has followed similar lines to other people.

    Mantics miniatures are for the most part pretty unique and very good, and given the price costs are imo way better than any of the crud coming out of Games workshop! Given that the company is only a few years old its done very well thus far, and cannot take the risks people want it to which would probably make it go bust very quickly.