Warmachine Two Player Battle Box details

By tgn_admin
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Jun 14th, 2011

Warmachine Two Player Battle BoxDetails of the contents of the upcoming Warmachine Two Player Battle Box have been posted.

The box will feature Khador v. Menoth and contain the complete Warmachine Prime Mk II rules in a travel-sized booklet (86 pages).


  • Rules booklet (86 pages)
  • introductory guide
  • dice
  • ruler
  • 17 plastic Warmachine models with corresponding stat cards

Khador Army

  • Warcaster Kommander Sorscha
  • Juggernaut Heavy Warjack
  • Destroyer Heavy Warjack
  • Man-O-War Shocktrooper Unit(5)

Protectorate Of Menoth Army

  • Warcaster High Exemplar Kreoss
  • Crusader Heavy Warjack
  • Vanquisher Heavy Warjack
  • Repenter Light Warjack
  • Exemplar Cinerators Unit(5)
  • Dead Kennedy

    Aaaaaw yeah. Glad to see this finally come out! I can’t help but think they may release another box with Cygnar and Cryx in it, that would just make sense (considering a major complaint will be “I don’t want Khador/Protectorate”). A Hordes box can’t be far behind either.

    You may have made a player out of me, Privateer!

  • djwetmouse

    This is a great way to get people into the game, I might buy for the mini rulebook and Shocktroopers.

  • This is a great offer, but I can’t help but feel that $99 is a little steep. Then again, you’re getting two roughly 25 point armies. Either way I have a feeling this will really help get people into the game.

    • clutch

      If this does sell for $99, then its a steal. Consider that with this you get a Menoth battle box ($49.99), a Khador battle box ($49.99) a unit of Cinerators ($44.99), a unit of Man-O-War(I assume these to be at least $44.99) and what looks to be a digest size rule-book. Easily $200 worth of stuff, and a TON more playable than a GW 2 player starter.

      • DarkLegacy

        Exactly what I was going to say. You buy 2 Battleboxes for the same cost as this thing, and with this, you get more!

        Fantastic steal.

      • clutch

        woops…it looks like a bit off. The Menoth “battle box” isn’t that. It has a Vanquisher instead of a Revenger. So minus one light, add one heavy…even better deal. Plus it helps even out the fact that Khador has no arc nodes.

      • Ben Wafer

        Totally agree – this is an amazing deal. Especially when you take into account the fact that if you were to buy them in metal, a full unit of Man-O-War Shocktroopers is $84 all on its own… I’ve been waiting for plastic Man-O-War units for so long, this makes me very happy. I’m definitely getting this when it comes out. I can always use more jacks (for both factions), I really want another Man-O-War Shocktrooper unit, I want small-size rulebook, and while I’m not really excited about the Cinerators (I already have a unit that I haven’t even assembled yet), I’m not exactly disappointed to basically get them for free along with all of the other contents…

  • Where did it say $99? I wouldn’t be surprised if they retail it at much more than that.

    • The September releases post on this very site lists it at $99.

      • Gotcha; hadn’t made it that far down today’s news. 🙂

        • Also.. with that silly looking Menoth battle engine (and I play Menoth!) at $85 bucks… well there’s certainly a precedent for expensive. lol

          • If by “silly looking Menoth battle engine” you mean the absurdly awesome looking battle engine 😉

    • Zac

      $99 is only 5.5 GW according to my Universal Gaming Currency. 🙂

      Seems like a decent price considering the contents

      • faultie

        Haha! That’s funny.

      • Well played, Zac.

  • Veritas

    A starter box with no Cygnar! The sky is falling! Seriously though, I think the only reason these two forces were picked was for their plastic infantry.

    • I dunno’ about that. Khador seems to be pretty popular, and maybe they just wanted to mix it up. As mentioned earlier; it’s also entirely possible that a Cygnar vs. Cryx box could come out sometime down the road.

    • Guinny

      It’s a shame they’ve not taken the opportunity to knock out another couple of plastic infantry units. I don’t know the Khador/Menoth range that well, but a Cryx one with new plastic Stormblades adn Mechanithralls would have rocked, and I’m sure there would have been something similar from Khador and Menoth that could have benefitted from the same treatment.

      That aside, this is a great idea. I’m only surprised it took them this long! I will almost definitely be picking this up, even if it’s just for the small rulebook!

  • Osbad

    I’m wondering what that will go for over this side of the pond. Maybe £60 or so. Which split 2 ways is not bad.

    • Osbad

      I should add that Black Reach is £60 over here, for what that’s worth. So that’s comparable value.

  • Is it safe to assume that the shocktrooper will be using the new plastics for the bombardiers?

    If so I’ll be bulking out my army using this starter for sure

    • Zac

      The entire box is supposed to be plastic so I think the Shocktroopers are as well.

  • If only it was a Cygnar/Cryx it would be easier for me to grab it… but I sold my Khador a while ago… the lack of plastic in Hordes makes me wonder if we’ll see one of this. Here is hoping for Trollbloods and something that is not Skorne so I can get that one 🙂


  • blackfang

    Looks to be about on par with the GW starter now.

    • Zac

      I think this set is closer to placing you within reach of playing a standard game. GW starters aren’t too good at that but its really more an effect of the model count required for GW games.

      Also this doesn’t have any exclusive models like the plastic Deff Koptas from the ABR 40K starter.

      • T34

        Not sure PP can afford such exclusivity tricks just yet. But, in time.

        And yeah, this set is far more playable that a geedub starter. Nice to see!

        • Zac

          I actually view the lack of exclusive models as a good thing. I was pretty POed to find that I had to buy the ABR set to get more

  • KelRiever

    :/ The battle boxes are fine. This, I am not sure, is really necessary at all. But whatever, we’ll see.

    • KelRiever

      Forgot to mention, I wil say that the ‘free’ rulebook might be a boon.

      I think the current sale they have is very nice.

  • syr8766

    Any chance they’ll sell the mini-rulebook separately? I’ve been wishing they’d do that…

    • luckyb0y

      I’m pretty sure we’ll see the boxes sold piecemeal on ebay. Exactly what happened with GW starters, Space Hulk, etc.

  • Trent

    If the rulebook has the all the latest errata updated then I will probably buy this, even though I have almost no interest in the minis. Small form factor + updated rules is compelling enough.

  • youlooklikeanail

    I have been resisting Warmachine but this is just too good to pass up. Now I suppose I’m going to have to think up a good paint scheme for Khador jacks.

    Thanks guys, just what I needed.

  • cannondaddy

    I hope there’s a Cygnar/Cryx one following soon.

  • Valander

    According to the thread on their official forums, they have no plans for another 2-player box, and don’t plan on selling the rulebook separately. A little bummed on the later statement; hopefully they’ll get so many requests they’ll give in. 😉

  • phoenixman

    EVERY manufacturer of figure games/worlds should look to do this as it means great value for us the gamer, and potentially leads to more sales as it is a cheaper way to start a new game

  • Heble

    +1 for the rulebook to be made available. Preferably on PDF. 😛