Warmachine token set description

Privateer Press Hobby Manager Rob Hawkins has sent details of the upcoming Warmachine token sets to distributors.

From their announcement:

The tokens are a complete redesign from our previous Hordes tokens. The new sets are made from cast plastic, with a raised “foot” on the bottom to make then easy to pick up. The top surface is smooth, and printed with graphics and text. A few of the tokens (like continuous effects; things that would stay with the unit as it moves) are designed as stand-up tokens that plug into a gear-shaped base to make them easy to move along with the unit, and more visible.

Each set contains 10 focus and over 30 effect tokens. Each faction’s set is printed in the faction colors (Retribution is teal-colored plastic with white print, for example).

The focus has a ringed foot on the bottom, and a recessed channel built into the top which makes them easy to stack. The focus is printed with the faction symbol.

The effect tokens contain things like knockdown, shield walls, souls, continuous effects, and some other faction-specific effects. There are spell tokens and upkeep spell tokens (and Animus for the HORDES sets). These tokens have spell runes around the perimeter and an open center where the spell effect can be written with a water or alcohol-based dry erase marker. There are 4-5 of each per set.

Using a dry-erase marker directly on the token is more convenient than looking at a separate card or “cheat sheet” The tokens that don’t use the dry erase feature have symbols that are consistent throughout each set to make them easily recognizable, and there is a token identification key on the packaging to help players identify token symbols that may not be present in their own set. All tokens also have their effect name printed on them.

The intention behind these tokens is to make them the last token set players will need to buy. Each set includes all of the most common effects for each faction, pre-printed and ready to go. The spells are customizable, meaning players won’t need to buy different sets for each warcaster. Each faction also has a number of “customizable” faction tokens. These are shaped like the faction emblem, and have an open center to write with a dry erase marker. The customizable are used to track the odd-effect that isn’t represented in the set, as well as any new trackable effects that may be added in future books.

Update: Additional/differently formatted info from Whimper on the Privateer Press forum

List of Features At a Glance:


  • Each set contains 10 focus and over 30 effect tokens.

Token design

  • Two-tone, in faction colors.
  • A raised “foot” on the bottom makes them easy to pick up.
  • Most have a flat, printed top surface.
  • Blank, customizable tokens have an indented flat center.
  • For extra visibility, some are stand-up tokens that plug into a gear-shaped base.
  • Focus tokens are stackable (bottom “foot” fits in top indentation)


  • Common effects are pre-printed (knockdown, shield wall, souls, fire, corrosion, stationary, etc)
  • 4-5 blank tokens per set for writing spells, upkeeps, animus, etc. with dry-erase pen.


  • A token identification key to help players identify token symbols not be present in their own set.