Warmachine Taryn di la Rovissi preview

Privateer Press have posted a preview of the Mercenary solo Taryn di la Rovissi.

From their website:

Not every gun mage of the Order of the Amethyst Rose fights for the Llaelese Resistance. Taryn di la Rovissi remembers well the failings that led to her nation’s occupation. The loss of her country freed her from any lingering patriotism. Taryn is one of the most deadly practitioners of the gun mage art in the Iron Kingdoms—an art for which she requires payment. She hates the Khadorans but also has no love for the Resistance beyond their ability to pay in good coin.

Taryn di la Rovissi comes in a blister (PIP 41076). A player may field one Taryn di la Rovissi in a Mercenary, Cygnar, or Protectorate army.