WARMACHINE: Tactics Full Version Now Available on Steam

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Nov 21st, 2014

Privateer Press and White Moon Dreams have released the full version of Warmachine Tactics over on Steam.
… seems oddly appropriate…


From the announcement:

Privateer Press Interactive announced that WARMACHINE: Tactics is moving out of Early Access, and the full version is now available on Steam for $39.99. As part of this full version release, WARMACHINE: Tactics now includes a full 20-mission single player campaign in addition to its robust skirmish and multiplayer modes.

Based on the award-winning WARMACHINE tabletop miniatures game, WARMACHINE: Tactics is a turn-based, squad-level strategy game for PC and Mac developed in cooperation with WhiteMoon Dreams and published by Privateer Press Interactive. The game has been enthusiastically received by Early Access players and critics, with Nerd Reactor calling it “a blast” and the Dread Gazebo calling it “sheer joy.” WARMACHINE: Tactics funded through Kickstarter, entered Early Access on Steam 10 months from the close of the campaign, and reached full version release after just 15 months.

“It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating an overwhelmingly successful Kickstarter campaign for WARMACHINE: Tactics,” said WARMACHINE creator and Privateer Press founder Matt Wilson. “I am humbled and thankful that today we can celebrate bringing the WARMACHINE world to life on PCs and Macs, for all the WARMACHINE miniatures gamers who played out the action of the tabletop in their imaginations, and for all the video gamers who will experience the WARMACHINE world for the first time.”

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  • hrafn

    Disappointed. I’m a KS backer, and I am certainly not enthusiastic. Technically, the game is a mess. It is still very prone to crashing. My PC is not a weak one, nd other games work fine, yet still Tactics lags and jitters when performing even routine scrolling and animation. The interface is uninutive and feels very dated overall. Oh yes, not to mention that Tactics also managed to include one of my pet annoyances in games: non-passable cutscenes and dialgogues. The game play itself is allright. If you like Warmachine (which I do), it’s fine. All the annoyances just seem to have added up to me having lost most of my drive to bother playing it…

    • mathieu

      That pretty much sums up my opinion of the game. I uninstalled it after playing a few times, disappointed. My interest has dropped to such low levels that I haven’t claimed the handful of KS exclusive codes they finally sent along.