Warmachine May 2010 releases

Details have been released about the Privateer Press May 2010.Warmachine releases. May is also rumoured to see the release of faction specific Warmachine tokens that will retail for $12.99 each set.

• Forces of Warmachine: Cryx
• Trencher Master Gunner(1)
• Stormsmith Storm Tower(3)
• Vassal Mechanik(1)
• Exemplar Errant Officer & Standard Bearer(2)
• Assault Kommando Flame Thrower(1)
• Lich Lord Venethrax(1)

Tasked with the researching of draconic lore, Lich Lord Venethrax is supremely well-suited to root out and destroy the Dragonfather’s dark progeny. Venethrax has dedicated his immortal existence to Toruk’s final war and is prepared to consume every blighted creature in charnel flames and blood. His mighty halberd, Wyrmbane, has dismembered countless draconic creations, and the lich lord’s very presence corrodes the world around him. That he now steps forth from Cryx is a dire portent, for it heralds the coming of war between the dragons.

Lich Lord Venethrax comes in a blister (PIP 34069). A player may field one Lich Lord Venethrax in a Cryx army.

• Iron Lich Asphyxious2010(1)
• Mage Hunter Assassin(Variant Pose)(1)
• Steelhead Riflemen(10)
• High Shield Gun Corps Officer & Standard Bearer(2)
• Horgenhold Artillery Corps(4)
The clan lords of Rhul viewed the advent of artillery among the human nations of the Iron Kingdoms with amusement. The Rhulic Moot has traditionally taken a dim view of mercenary operations, but in recent years the profits certain clan lords have gained is difficult to dismiss. Certain provisions were made to allow Rhulic mercenaries abroad to equip themselves with siege cannons and other weapons of war. Their powerful mortars are extremely destructive and can be fired indirectly, giving the Rhulic army an intimidating ability to control the battlefield.

Horgenhold Artillery Corps come in a blister (PIP 41077). A player may field two Horgenhold Artillery Corps for each warcaster in a Mercenary, Cygnar, or Protectorate army.