Warmachine Arcantrik Force Generator preview

Privateer Press have posted a preview, including a 360 degree panorama, of the Warmachine Arcantrik Force Generator War Engine.

Arcantrik Force Generator

From their website:

The arcantrik force generator is a massive engine of war that houses one of the most devastating and complex weapons in the arsenal of the Retribution of Scyrah. Its teleforce cannon, which fires concentrated bursts of kinetic energy, represents the very pinnacle of Iosan arcane science. Blasts from the force generator shatter anything they touch, reduce the ground to craters and rubble, and fling enemies aside like broken dolls.

This model is composed of resin and white metal components.

  • blkdymnd

    Thats pretty sweet, all those are looking good. Being a skorne player, I’m really looking forward to the hordes versions. I’m thinking some giant Flayer engine pulled by 2 Titans?

    • cybogoblin

      I thought it was more or less confirmed that the Skorne would be getting the massive beast from the Witchfire Trilogy?

    • I think Trolls should get a Bison herd: no riders, just a big base with a large herd of bison, with a couple trolls at the back with torches and prods: have the big base of them do nothing but move fast and trample everything. Good fun.

      • mathieu

        Problem is PP would make all the bisons the same exact model 😉

  • SirAngry

    Even though I’m a retribution player I’m really not too sure about this model. I’ll wait until I see it in the flesh before making my final judgment but so far I don’t like it. Perhaps the white and aqua paint job of the retribution doesn’t work on such large expanses? I love the Khador gun carriage, the Cygnar lightning Tesla ball thingy looks pretty mint too, I’ll can’t wait to see the paint job on that. Haven’t seen anything of the Cryx one at all, but the concept for the Menoth moving altar thing and the grey looked pretty cool too. I’m looking forward to wrath.

  • Well, I have a somewhat different take on the Wrath vehicle releases so far. I think this one, the Arcantrik Force generator is the best of the lot by far. This goes for both the design and for the size of the kit. It’s the most original of all of the designs. It is true to the Retribution design and storyline. By clever design work it fills, nay exceeds its base size, and will dominate the part of the table it is placed on. I am truly impressed by this model and I will be getting one in due course.

    As for the Khador gun wagon, I think it’s a poor and unimaginative design (and I am primarily a Khador player for the past few years). They could/probably should have gone for a GreyLord themed frost engine or something like that. I don’t see why the gun wagon is any different or better than a Destroyer or a Behemoth. I think they should have dropped the horse idea all together. No other army is using horses. Khador has trains and warjacks. I think sometimes PP confuses feral with primative. I’ll put a warjack (or two)in front of it if I get it.

    The Menoth war altar is a great design, but it’s too small. It doesn’t fill the space with it’s immensity; it doesn’t create awe. I just don’t see the worshipful greatness. I understand why it’s small from a cost perspective, and it is very well detailed, which is the quid to the quo of size, I imagine, but it falls short. Dioramas will have the altar pushed up an incline to a commanding perspective of the battlefield (i.e. making it higher) by toiling acolytes from behind. That will be the coolest way to show it on the tabletop. BTW there’s a great book by Alaister Reynolds where giant tracked religious engines circle the world keeping one of its satellites in view. This design reminds me of that book. Which is good.

    The Cygnar Storm Strider looks like a poodle. It’s a completely juvenile design. I don’t know what they were thinking. I mean Cygnar, to me, is all about true grit. The geometry is all wrong here. The design is pansified. I wouldn’t put that on the table.

    The Cryx Wraith Engine is pretty cool. I mean, I don’t think from a design perspective these models owe much to anyone, but there is a constant series of models coming from GW over the last couple of years that expand the creatures upwards from the limitation of the base. The Trygon, the Fell Beasts, etc. This model from PP does the same thing. I think it will be okay.

  • SirAngry

    Each too their own. lol. I just don’t think the Arcanic Force Generator looks ‘slick’ enough to fit in with the retribution. I can see what you’re saying about the Khador gun wagon being a bit generic, but that is what Khador are, they unimaginative engineered effective killing machines. lol. I think for that reason horses work well… less mechanical things to go wrong and when they do you just replace them with more horses!!! Now you’ve said poodle for the cynar thing its all I can think of when I look at it, CURSE YOU!!!! lol.