Warlord taking pre-orders for Bolt Action Americans

Warlord Games has their US Infantry coming out soon and they want to make sure you get yours as soon as possible. So go pre-order them!

From the copy:

The latest plastic set for our Bolt Action WWII range is almost here but you can place pre-orders now and ensure you get yours first! These fantastic new plastic GIs are released later this month (March).
The boxed sets contains parts to make 25 plastic, multi-pose US infantrymen. There are several backpack and equipment options on the sprues so you can use this set to represent American footsloggers from their introduction to the Second World War in 1941 right through to the end of WWII. They wouldn’t look out of place in the Pacific and would even be good for US troops in the Korean War. For those of you after something a little bit different for an army how about painting them as Free French soldiers (they used US uniforms and equipment) or even Brazilians!

  • cama

    This kit should get an award for versatility and might even be “kit of the year” material.

  • phoenixman

    the new Bolt Action rules are superb and will go down a storm i’m sure. i have been play testing them for Warlord and have to say they are the best WW2 rules i have played so far.

  • cama

    You lucky bugger! I cannot wait to get my hands on them. Although I am wanting to play Pacific Theatre, I know they will start out in Europe. In June. 1944. Because that is the most popular period.

    Thanks for the heads up on how good they are!

  • John Maddening

    Reminds me of the original 30 Space Marines for $10. Lots of posing possibilities.