Warlord release new Bolt Action vehicles

Warlord Games have released two new 28mm German vehicles.

From their announcement:

As 2009 draws to a close we keep the releases coming thick and fast – this time two great little vehicles for our Bolt Action 28mm WWII range.

First we have the Kubelwagen – that most iconic of German vehicles. This resin and metal model comes with two options – raised canopy or lowered. It also has optional MG42 mount.

The Kubelwagen is joined by another distinctive German vehicle – the Schwimmwagen. This amphibious light vehicle also has an optional MG42 to add a little extra firepower to your recce units.

Both of these German vehicles include a driver with separate head (options for field cap or covered helmet) and are perfect for use in either Heer or Waffen-SS forces.

The New Year won’t see any let up in new releases for our Bolt Action range – roll on 2010.