Warlord release King’s Colours range

KC02_Parliament_SAMPLE1.jpgWarlord Games are creating a series of historical flags to accompany their ranges of miniatures.

From their announcement:
To support our Pike & Shotte range we’ve enlisted on of the world’s top flag experts to research and produce a new range for us – King’s Colours.

King’s Colours gives you 20 full colour flags per A4 sheet – some distressed and others pristine. This gives you great variety on how you present your army.

The first four sheets cover infantry regiments in the English Civil wars with two sheets each for Royalists and Parliamentarians.

We’re already hard at work on sheets for the Scots/Irish and also for the Thirty years war.

At just £10 a sheet these represent excellent value as well as finishing off your regiments beautifully.

What are you waiting for – head over to the Warlord webstore and hoist the banner.