Warlord release Bolt Action Unic P107 halftrack

Warlord Games have released the 1:56 scale WWII German Unic P107 halftrack.

Unic P107 halftrack

From their announcement:

The Bolt Action arms race continues as we release yet another new resin vehicle – this time the German-adapted French Unic tractor.

Seeing widespread use in the 21st Panzer Division, the captured Unic provided much needed armoured transport to the German forces…

Add this great little kit to your German army – something a little different to the usual Hanomags and Opel Blitzes.

As you’d expect we have a veritable plethora of new vehicles in the works so pick this one up and get painting before the deluge is upon you…

  • 4tonmantis

    I’m trying to get a sense of scale.. at 1:56 I would imagine this about the size of an ork buggy or trukk.. but I’m not positive on that.. anyone?

  • Haibane

    Wiki says the P107 is 4.85m long by 2.28m tall. At 1/56 that equates to 8.66cm by 4.07cm, or around 3.5 inches long by an inch tall. Seems pretty compact.