Warlord Games unveils Pegasus Bridge battle-set for Bolt Action

Warlord Games has announced their new Pegasus Bridge battle set for Bolt Action. It’s pretty impressive, really. Go check it out.

From the announcement:

We are very excited to announce the forthcoming release of the Pegasus Bridge battle set for Bolt Action. You can now place pre-orders for these superb battle-sets below.

This awesome set contains everything you need to recreate the daring raid that paved the way for the Allied D-Day invasion. And as if that wasn’t enough, we are also releasing a Collector’s Edition of the set, dubbed ‘Ham & Jam’ after the mission completion code words, that will be crammed with even more models and scenery.

As you can see below, ace artist Peter Dennis has worked his magic with the cover art – quite possibly his best yet for Warlord Games!

  • cegorach

    Oh that looks nice!

    checks price tag


    checks CE price tag


  • daburton63

    You took the words out of my mouth cegorach. I’m thinking, oh cool, I’d bust the bank and pay $180 for that…. yea maybe in my dreams. Not sure what it is with game manufacturers lately but seriously, we’re not all independently wealthy or making $50 bucks an hour.

  • McMordain

    My monthly wage is almost as much as the CE price… too bad. I still cant eat minis 🙁
    But I want that bridge.

  • Daniel36

    It looks absolutely amazing but by the stars is it expensive. Out of curiousity, can anyone tell me if the scale of Bolt Action is the standard 28 mm or not?